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CM Punk’s response to Charlotte Flair is a cheeky jibe at Vince McMahon

CM Punk may have left professional wrestling years ago, but the former WWE superstar’s controversial relations with the company still carry on to the present day, as a recent social media banter with Charlotte Flair indicated a dig at Punk’s ex-boss, Vince McMahon.

Even during his decade long stint with the company, CM Punk was very vocal and critical about many of WWE’s policies, which landed him into several issues with the promotion time and again.

Even to this day, Punk is always ready to speak up about the ill-treatment he faced in WWE and the bitterness of the experience he had during his near ten year long stay with McMahon’s company and often takes to social media to take shots at his former CEO.

So, when Charlotte Flair shared a photo of herself from during a commentary work on Twitter, Punk took the golden chance to revisit his days behind the mic and how McMahon would treat him back then.

CM Punk digs at McMahon for his habit of screaming into the commentators’ headsets

Flair tweeted a smiling pic of herself wearing the headset, along with the tag “caption this”, and in the reply, CM Punk wrote: “GODDAMNIT PAL WATCH THE MONITORS AND STOP SAYING WRESTLING PAL”

This is an obvious jibe and McMahon, who is infamous for screaming into the commentators’ headsets during fights, and Punk who himself had done commentary works many times, would know that very well.

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Punk’s exit from WWE was a rough one. The former three time World Heavyweight Champion started to be absent on episodes from 2014 onwards and without any official statement from the company nor the wrestler, it was becoming pretty evident that his stint with the company was coming to a closure.

Later the same year, when Punk was no more featured on WWE’s promo footages and was also removed from active roster on the website, he opened up on his exit from the company, lamenting that WWE released him on his wedding day, while also citing health as his main decision to not remain with the promotion anymore.

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Meanwhile, Flair was featured on this week’s episode of Raw, where she made appearance in a six-woman match, teaming up with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler and had lost the fight against Asuka, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke.


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