Booker T explains why working with The Rock was “whole lot different” than other WWE stars

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Booker T, the former WWE star during the latest edition of Hall of Fame podcast, opened up on the wrestler turned actor, The Rock and revealed how working with him in the squared circle was always a different experience.

Booker T outlines the working experience with The Rock

Booker T

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The feud of Booker T and The Rock had way back to the time of ‘The Invasion’ storyline which was the result of WWE buying out WCW in 2001.

During the Q&A session, Booker T was questioned whether he felt that he could have done more with his feud with The Rock.

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer said he ”felt a little soft” while working with The Great One. He explained that he did not work the way like the way he worked in WCW which was “going out there and beating those guys up.”

Booker said, “But I still felt like I held back a little bit too much as far as when I was out there working with The Rock. Now saying that, I must say, The Rock worked a whole lot different than every other guy that I ever worked with in the business.”

The six-time World Champion said that The Rock “was so meticulous about every detail being right”, which was the reason for his success in delivering the promos. That has also helped him someway in his Hollywood career as well.

Booker T explains why working with The Rock was "whole lot different" than other WWE stars - THE SPORTS ROOM

He added, “When I worked with The Rock, man, it was like being on a movie set. I’m serious. Everything had to be right with this guy.”

Booker T appreciated The Rock for stating that he was one of the most athletic and entertaining guys he had ever worked with.

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He said, “But, I was thinking way too much when I worked with Rock. In hindsight, looking back on it, I felt like I could have done so much more working with him.”

Booker T explains why working with The Rock was "whole lot different" than other WWE stars - THE SPORTS ROOM

One of the reasons, they had been in the feud was their similar signature moves set. The Rock had the Rock Bottom, while Booker used Book End. The stars had squared off at Summerslam 2001 and Booker unsuccessfully defended the WCW Championship.

He was also eliminated by The Great One at the iconic Survivor Series elimination match in 2001.

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