Booker T outlines why AEW is similar to WCW

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WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently shared his thoughts on the current signings of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He noted that the signings of veteran former WWE stars has increased in recent times and he claims it is becoming more like WCW.

Booker T comments on signing of AEW talents

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Booker T

AEW has been recently signing the WWE veterans but this was not the case when the promotion had started. Many young talents were signed at that time and now Booker T finds similarities with WCW.

The signings of veteran stars, Sting and Paul Wight, who previously had a great career with WWE had shocked the world of wrestling and newest addition is Christian Cage who is also a former WWE star.

During the latest edition of Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke about his stint in WCW and reflected on the signings the promotion made who were mostly the legends having a legacy in WWE.

He said the veteran talents had come in with contracts and were paid more. The contracts would also mention when they would put over talents and when not to. So it was completely beneficial for them. He believs AEW is revamp of what happened in WCW and he had expected something unique from the promotion.

Booker T said: “I don’t know what’s going on with AEW or anything like that, but my thing is this: when AEW first started, I thought we were getting ready to see something new.”

He added: “I didn’t think we were getting ready to see a revamp of WCW, and I’m not knocking them or anything like that, but I thought we were getting ready to see The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and a group of these young guys that – I don’t know – felt like they knew a whole lot more about the business than the older guys, create something that these old guys had never seen before in their life. And now, we’re seeing everything the old guys have seen for the last thirty years.”

Since the formation of AEW back in 2019, they have made some huge high-profile signings including Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho. They signed WWE Hall of Famer Sting and later signed Paul Wight. The newest signing is of Christian Cage and it is to be seen if they put on some more huge talents in their list.