Whole Lotta Worry: Another COVID-19 outbreak reported out of WWE Performance Center

Performance Center
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WWE seems to have a new woe to deal with as their Performance Center has reportedly witnessed another COVID-19 outbreak.

Several fans scheduled for NXT at Performance Center quarantined

Performance Center

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Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer has reported that another COVID-19 outbreak, which is for the third time has occurred in WWE. The location has been reported as the Performance Center (now known as Capitol Wrestling Center).

The venue is also the home to the weekly NXT events. As per the reports, the outbreak happened on Friday. NXT first started allowing a few numbers of fans to be present at the shows. People who were present at the venue on Friday have been directed to quarantine for two weeks.

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The fans generally undergo tests prior to the NXT tapings and are allowed if they tested negative. Likewise, for the Halloween Havoc edition, they were to be tested on Tuesday. As many as hundred fans were scheduled for the show.

NXT Halloween Havoc is set to take place on Wednesday night. Dave Meltzer has also mentioned that some of the people scheduled for that event were affected. Thereby, some changes would be made to the event.

He said, “Aspects of the show are going to have to be changed.”

A reliable source has told that no NXT regular talent was tested positive for the deadly Novel Coronavirus. However, the outcome of the test might be negative but they will not be allowed for the shows.

The reason being that quarantine would be applicable and the results being negative does not necessarily mean they have not contacted with the coronavirus positive person.

Halloween Havoc is a special edition scheduled for Wednesday night’s NXT at Capitol Wrestling Center (f.k.a. Performance Center). The show will see an extended run for eight minutes on the USA Network.

WWE had previously reported that more than two dozens of personnel tested positive for COVID-19.

The list had also included the likes of the former broadcast member, Renee Young and backstage interviewer, Kayla Braxton. Producers, Jamie Noble and Adam Pearce also confirmed on social media that they had tested positive for the virus.

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