Sean Waltman states Daniel Bryan should work with other promotions

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The former WWE star Sean Waltman recently opened up contract status of WWE star Daniel Bryan and has an opinion on the former WWE Champion.

Sean Waltman believes Daniel Bryan should consider wrestling in other promotions

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan’s contract is reportedly expiring this September. He had previously expressed his desire to work with other promotions once his contract expires. Now, WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman has chimed in and spoke about Bryan who will collied with Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship this Friday night on SmackDown.

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There is one stipulation to the match which is if he loses the match he would have to leave the blue brand. This could be a hint that he might leave for other ventures without completely leaving WWE.

Daniel Bryan also recently heaped praise on AEW and Impact Wrestling World Champion Kenny Omega and would like to cross paths someday.

Now with Waltman’s opinion that the former WWE Champion should look to compete in the other promotions, it has made the situation interesting and surely to keep a tab on. He further added that it would be beneficial for WWE as well.

Waltman recently spoke to the Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast and said:

“That’s smart of him (Daniel Bryan) because he’s trying to preserve his relationship with the company and still be able to go out there and do things to satisfy himself at this stage of his life and career.”

He added: “And I think it would behoove the company to let him do that, honestly. I’m not saying, ‘Hey, go ahead and go main event an AEW pay-per-view’ or something, but if he wanted to go out and do his own thing and even produce it himself, good for him.”

Daniel Bryan is far from retiring but during WrestleMania 37 meet and greet session he had revealed that he wants to make “a good balance between home life and wrestling.”

Bryan had continued, “It’d be interesting if I could wrestle in different companies and WWE. That’s something I’m trying to weasel my way into right now.”

Daniel Bryan has excelled in the ring and accomplished a lot throughout the years. His comeback into in-ring competition after suffering a career ending injury is no less than a fairytale. It is good for him that he can end his career on his terms. We have to see what future holds for Daniel Bryan