Molly Holly reflects on the love angle with Spike Dudley

Molly Holly
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The former WWE star Molly Holly recently opened up on her romantic storyline with fellow former WWE star Spike Dudley. She went on to heap praise on Dudley while speaking with WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman, aka X-PAC on the latest edition of the Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast.

Molly Holly takes a look back at romantic storyline with Spike Dudley

Molly Holly

Molly Holly said Spike Dudley was great to work with and she loved the storyline. She also reflected on working on Sunday Night Heat but preferred the storyline more and called it ‘Disney romance’.

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She said: “It was awesome.To even be involved in any kind of storyline is huge. It’s still fun to be on Sunday Night Heat but to be thrown in a situation where you’re just doing a four-minute match for no reason, it’s like, I want to do so much more. So when they put me in the storyline with Spike where we’re like having this Disney romance, we like each other and it’s all sweetness.”

Molly Holly had her first major storyline in WWE and it was with Spike Dudley. With Molly being a Holly and Spike being a Dudley there was a family feud between the two but Molly and Spike’s love for each other did not decrease.

During that time, Spike Dudley also got involved in a feud with Stone Cold but later on it was abruptly ended. The romantic relationship between Spike and Molly ended in September 2001 as Molly broke up with him and portrayed as The Hurricane’s new partner, Mighty Molly.

Molly Holly further lauded Spike Dudley and said he was very nice with her. She stressed on the fact that the Dudleys were very popular at that time which also helped their storyline get popularity.

She said: “I liked it and Spike was super nice, a good person to be paired up with. You don’t want to be paired up with some creeper that’s going to take advantage of the situation, so he was very great to work with and it worked out awesome that the Dudleys were so popular. It kind of brought up my popularity just being in the skits with them.”

Molly Holly had her stint with WWE from 2001 to 2005 until she was released. She has made couple of Women’s Royal Rumble appearances in 2018 and 2020.

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