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Sorry it took us so long: Triple H apologized to former NXT star after signing

Triple H, who is WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development used to oversee NXT. He is currently on a hiatus after undergoing surgery. As it turns out Triple H had apologized to former NXT star Mercedes Martinez after WWE signed her back in January last year. Martinez had made her debut in NXT last year. She recently recalled a conversation she had with ‘The Game’ after she inked a deal with the company.

Triple H apologized for taking time to sign her

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It has been revealed by Mercedes Martinez that Triple H apologized to Martinez for the time it took WWE to sign her. In a recent interview with DNC Digital, Martinez opened up about her time in WWE and the conversation she had with Triple H.

“When I got hired and I finally got to sit down and talk to him [Triple H] or stand up, I guess, because we were standing up while we were talking. It was more like him saying, ‘Sorry it took us so long to get you here. It was just never the right timing to bring Mercedes in. We always wanted you but there was just never the right time. We didn’t know what to do with you’ and I was like, ‘No,’ I was like, ‘I’m just glad to be here now. What is my role now to be here?’” said Martinez.

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Triple H had also wanted Martinez to have a job as a trainer after her in-ring career. Martinez had made his first WWE appearance back in 2017 when she was part of the inaugural Mae Young Classic tournament. She made it to the semi-finals and was defeated by current WWE RAW star Shayna Baszler.

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She made an appearance in the second edition of the tournament and was knocked out in the second round by Meiko Satomura. The veteran star was called up to the main roster last year as part of the RETRIBUTION faction but she soon left and returned to NXT once again. She was handed a release last month by the company.


  • Triple H apologizes to Mercedes Martinez
  • Triple H had offered job as a trainer to Martinez


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