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Top WWE Name Says There’s No ‘Next John Cena’

WWE President Nick Khan recently stated that there is no ‘next John Cena.’ WWE officially merged with the UFC. Nick Khan has scrutinized list of names who are top stars and it includes LA Knight, Dominik Mysterio, and Roman Reigns. LA Knight’s meteoric rise has been worth noting.

Nick Khan comments on John Cena

Knight is often compared to The Rock. However, Khan noted that Knight has carved his own pathway and on-screen character.

Speaking on The Bill Simmons Podcast, Khan addressed the rise of LA Knight, who is one of WWE’s biggest names. It was during this time he made it clear that WWE won’t find the ‘next John Cena’ because there is none.

“You mentioned LA Knight [as having high star power]. I think what’s proven in combat sports is the next one never looks like the last one. So you see folks, WWE included, you get a John Cena, and part of the thought is, ‘Oh, we just need to find the next John Cena.’ There is no next John Cena Yeah. The next one never looks like the last one,” Khan said. “If you look at UFC, same thing.”

“When you saw Conor McGregor, who obviously is a mega star in terms of marketability and then the kid Darren Till came around and it was, ‘Oh, Darren Till’s going to be the next Conor McGregor.’ There’s never going to be a next Conor McGregor. If you look at boxing, when everyone was looking for the next Muhammad Ali, it didn’t look like Muhammad Ali. It looked like Sugar Ray Leonard. Whoever was looking for the next Ray Leonard didn’t look like Ray Leonard. It looked like Mike Tyson and then Oscar, Floyd, Pacquiao, whatever that might have been.”

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