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The best rated sports betting apps for NBA bettors in 2023

Basketball is an American sporting heritage; it would be on Mount Rushmore if you had to choose between the top four American sports. In truth, this has always been the case. Although the NBA is huge, college basketball is arguably even more significant, and millions of Americans will often tune in to watch games in both leagues.

Although sports betting markets have often been a smaller industry due to solid legislation in many American states, the tables are starting to turn as more areas look more favorably at online gambling. This includes casino gaming alongside sports betting. Naturally, this has led to sports betting apps in the US rising to prominence and turning a niche area into a multibillion-dollar enterprise.

The markets continue to grow for the most popular sports, such as the NBA. Where there is interest in the sport, there is also an underlying interest in gambling. This is simply how the markets work. They are heavily driven by demand, and as more states continue to legalize online gambling, the markets will continue to expand.

NBA betting markets

One of the reasons that the markets have exploded in popularity is that the sport has maintained such a strong core fanbase, both nationally and internationally, for decades. 

You can find dozens of NBA markets. You can bet on individual games, but you can also find markets for outright winners of playoff games and other specific areas, such as who will win the MVP or end the NBA season as the top scorer. The NBA continues to be popular due to the high skill levels on display and how interesting some players are on and off the court.

This is only one consideration when looking for the top NBA betting apps. Having a wide selection is a fantastic starting point. There are also other variables to consider, such as how easy the app is to use, the promo codes and bonuses you can take advantage of and the quality and accessibility of their customer service department.

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As with any flourishing sector, there has been an influx of companies looking to move into it and take their share of the profit. Unfortunately, when a few different components like this are in play, it can result in lower-quality companies cutting corners to make a profit. Fortunately, we have looked at the best offerings from various betting apps and have provided details of a handful of the best options.

The top sports betting apps for NBA

Although you can find some eye-opening offers on a wide range of betting apps, sometimes it is best to stick with tried and tested providers in the industry. Our first recommendation as the best sporting app is Bet365. As the world’s most extensive online sportsbook, the number of NBA markets they have is enormous and continues to grow. 

The app is one of the easiest to use, and the color scheme alongside some of its high-quality features, such as cashing out and taking advantage of the top bonuses, are benefits gamblers can’t ignore.

BetMGM is another sportsbook that NBA fans looking to place a wager on their favorite sport shouldn’t overlook. With up to $500 as a risk-free bet for new customers, it’s easy to see why they’re making such considerable industry moves. 

DraftKings Sportsbook was the first online sportsbook company to launch outside of Nevada. In the five years they have been in operation, they have steadily improved and expanded their services. They have been able to expand into the online gambling sector aggressively and successfully make early and significant impacts in states that have only just legalized online gambling. 

Half the battle for a successful business is to get in early and establish the brand before the sector has reached its full potential. Of course, this isn’t the only component, but it is an excellent starting point.


Placing a bet on an NBA game can add more interest to the play. However, it is always best to approach your gambling cautiously. Provided you only use money you can afford to lose, and you don’t spend more time than planned on betting apps, you will receive the positives of sports betting without any of the negatives. 

We have touched on some top-rated sports betting apps today, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Nothing stops you from taking advantage of multiple offers on these apps and ensuring your betting funds travel much further. You aren’t tied down to one sportsbook, and often the best idea is to shop around so that you can find which one of the top sports betting apps we have discussed today best suits your strategy.

Personal preference is often the driving force behind which sportsbook app you choose to use. However, accessibility, quality of customer service and the available bonuses/promo codes should all be factored into your choice. This will help you make an informed decision and choose the best solution to meet your NBA gambling needs.

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