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Actor Shailene Woodley confirms engagement with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

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Green Bay Packers stalwart Aaron Rodgers made a surprising revelation during his MVP acceptance speech that he was engaged to Shailene Woodley. Now, the actor herself has confirmed Rodgers’ claim, saying that the two have betrothed.

Shailene Woodley, who is renowned for her roles in “Big Little Lies” and “The Fault in Our Stars“, recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, where she confirmed her engagement with Rodgers.

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“Yes, we are engaged,” Woodley told Fallon on the show, “But for us, it’s not new news, you know, so it’s kind of funny. Everyone right now is freaking out over it and we’re like, ‘Yeah, we’ve been engaged for a while’.”

Shailene Woodley “never thought” to have a life partner “who throws balls”

Shailene Woodley
Shailene Woodley confirmed the engagement to Jimmy Fallon on Monday night. (Image Courtesy: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/0

The 29-year-old described Rodgers as a “wonderful, incredible human being,” but also asserted that getting engaged with a pro football player was something she never dreamed about when she was young.

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“Like, I never thought as a little girl, ‘Yeah, when I grow up I’m gonna marry someone who throws balls,’” the Golden Globe awardee went on, “When we met, I knew he was a football guy, but I didn’t know what kind of a football guy he was, and I’m still constantly learning.”

Meanwhile, Rodgers, who bagged the third MVP award of his career, said in his capacitance speech that how he got engaged to Woodley amidst a COVID-stricken NFL season.

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“It’s an honour to win this award for the third time,” the 37-year-old, who previously won the award in 2011 and 2014, said back in January, “2020 was definitely a crazy year filled with lots of change and growth, some amazing memorable moments. 180 straight days of having my nose hair scraped, playing for very little fans or no stands the entire season… I got engaged.”

Actor Shailene Woodley confirms engagement with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers - THE SPORTS ROOM
Aaron Rodgers revealed his engagement with Shailene Woodley at his MVP acceptance speech back in January. (Image Courtesy: AP)

Rodgers, who led the Packers to their 20th Divisional title against Los Angeles Rams, finished the 2020 season with a league highest and a franchise record 70.7 completion percentage (completing 372-of-526 passes) and 48 touchdowns, along with clocking 4299 passing yards and 5 interceptions.

The engagement of Woodley and Rodgers happened only months after Rodgers broke up with his ex girlfriend and former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick after dating for two years.

However, the latest reports claimed that Patrick was “unbothered” about the news, citing that she “has moved on” from the quarterback, who also dated actor Olivia Munn before Patrick.

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