Ryback fires back at Paul Heyman for calling him unsuccessful

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The former WWE star Ryback never holds back from firing back at the criticisms. He recently responded back to his old on-screen manager in WWE, Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman makes a bold remark

Paul Heyman had recently slammed The Big Guy when he called him a ‘schmuck. The two were paired for a brief stint in WWE back in 2013. Usually, Heyman uplifts the stars alligned with him but in the case Ryback it was a failure.

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Paul Heyman recently joined Highspots Wrestling Virtual Q&A and during the conversation, he was asked a very simple question about who he knew wouldn’t be a success. His answer was very clear and did not waste any time to name Ryback.

He said; “Ryback. Would you like to know why Ryback? Because he was a schmuck.

Ryback hurls back at Paul Heyman


The former WWE Intercontinental Champion had shared a video where he was lifting some serious weight in the gym. One of the fans had asked him how much he was putting up there and he replied: “2.5 Paul Heyman’s.”

Apparently, Ryback was lifting 590 pounds in plates alone. The Big Guy had a fine run in WWE but he did not have much accolades during his run in the company. He was eventually released in 2016.

Paul Heyman’s current run in WWE

Heyman is currently the Special Counsel to the current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and WWE’s decision to pair them has been fruitful. They have been a dominant force on Friday Night SmackDown.

Roman Reigns has portrayed The Tribal Chief gimmick amazingly that has cemented him as the top star in the company. It was recently reported that Heyman and Reigns have taken the creative authority for their booking in the show and they either open the show or close the show, which are the two important slots.

Reigns have been doing a brilliant job as a heel and with Heyman’s addition he has upscaled in his career. The Head of the Table is likely to recruit Jimmy Uso to the Bloodline stable as he previously added Jey Uso.

We will see how the storylines progresses but it is certain that Reigns and Heyman would continue their dominance on the blue brand.