Former Welsh international Robert Earnshaw speaks up about the Black Lives Matter movement

Robert Earnshaw

Racism has always been the biggest nuisance all around the globe. The death of George Floyd has shaken the world and the Black Lives Matter movement has been on the run ever since.

Robert Earnshaw said, “Racism is not just a football issue but a society one.”

Robert Earnshaw

Robert Earnshaw have had career spells at Cardiff City,West Brom and Nottingham Forest. The former Wales forward has strong beliefs that the Black Lives Matter movement has helped bringing down the amount of racism in both sport and the society.

Though it is yet too early to praise the impact of the movement but changes are already noteworthy.

Robert Earnshaw told Sky Sports News,“It’s brought a bright light onto a part of society that had been in the background and provided a real focus which was needed,”

Earnshaw added,“Racism is not just a football issue but a society one. It’s in the system, with football just a small part of that system.

The 39 year old said,“Everyone has experienced some kind of racism and it (Black Lives Matter) was needed to hear their stories and what people have gone through.”

He said,“Some have perhaps been surprised at incidents and experiences people have gone through and people coming out and telling their stories is so powerful.”

Effects on BAME coaches :

Robert Earnshaw is eager on his coaching career and explained how major changes could come for the BAME coaches.

He returned to UK in order to gain his UEFA Pro Licence. Earnshaw was previously the assistant coach of Fresno FC.

Earnshaw thinks the BAME coaches need more opportunities. He believes, with fair and right opportunities he could shine in his coaching career.

Former Welsh international Robert Earnshaw speaks up about the Black Lives Matter movement - THE SPORTS ROOM
Robert Earnshaw as the assistant coach of US side, Fresno FC

“You always want the opportunity, the right opportunity, the fair opportunity,” Earnshaw added.

“I think people are genuinely changing. I think they are understanding more and starting to see different qualities – not just professional ones but human qualities as well.”

“Whether it is in mentality, perceptions or ideas of what has been before – that is where the real change is coming in the future.

“And when you have the opportunity, you can then show what you are capable of doing and I hope going forward I have the same opportunities as everyone else.”

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