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Twitter account of Kacy Catanzaro deleted in midst of mask controversy

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The Twitter account of WWE’s Kacy Catanzaro is nowhere to be found, and some believe it to be due to a mask controversy.

Kacy Catanzaro


Catanzaro was pictured in a video where she and her friends were without masks at a restaurant. The lack of masks in one of the worst affected nations in the pandemic drew an amount of criticism, to which she replied via a video.

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In the video, Catanzaro clarified that they did wear mask when they entered the restaurant and again when they left it, but wearing a mask was not mandatory while sitting at a restaurant table.

“Here where I live in Florida, restaurants are open to a certain capacity. We wear a mask when we go in, when we leave, really anytime that we aren’t sitting down at our table we have to have a mask, but when we are sitting down to eat or drink, we are allowed to take our masks off, and I know that that’s the part that people saw that people were upset with,” she said.

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She added that she appreciated the concern people showed over the lack of masks. She said that she did care about her safety and that of the others around her. Luckily she worked for a company where she was tested once, sometimes twice a week, and she carried hand sanitizer and wore mask everywhere.

“I appreciate the concern, I’m looking out for the safety of others around me as well as trying to take care of myself the best I can, and I wish the best for everybody else,” Catanzaro said, before blowing a kiss to the audience to end the video message.

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However, her Twitter account, which was active recently, is nowhere to be found. Has it been deleted because of mass report, or she herself deactivated it, has not been known. Her instagram account remains active.

Catanzaro was the first woman to qualify for the finals of the television sports show American Ninja Warrior and the first woman to complete a City Finals course. Since signing with WWE, she has competed in the 2018 Mae Young Classic and participated in the 2019 Royal Rumble match.

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