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Watch: Free agent JJ Watt keeping himself fit with some heavy barbell squats

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Former Houston Texans stalwart JJ Watt is yet to find a place among the NFL franchises, but the defensive end has already found the perfect place to keep himself physically top notch.

Yes, we’re talking about the gym. The three-time NFL defensive player of the year recently shared a clip on Twitter, where Watt is seen squatting some heavy barbells in the early hours of Friday.

“Friday morning fun. Almost lost it on the last rep, bar was cutting off my oxygen,” Watt captioned the clip.

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Watt also addressed on his squatting form, which would raise some eyebrows among the ‘form police’, stating that it still needs some progress to be perfect.

“Form police, take it on the chin. It’s February, it’s not perfect yet. That’s why we work. If there was no progress to be made, there’d be no point in working” the 31-year-old added within brackets.

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