Jessi Kamea receives heat from fans regarding controversial tweet

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WWE NXT star Jessi Kamea recently made a social media post which raised eyebrows of some fans and they have lambasted the wrestling star.

Jessi Kamea entails in a controversy

Jessi Kamea

The social media post by Jessi Kamea was witnessed by several fans and they have been highly critical of it. She tweeted out photos while sporting a t-shirt that said: “End Racism Make Mixed Babies.” But the fans did not like it and criticized the NXT star.

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Kamea had then posted an apology on Twitter after she received criticism over wearing a t-shirt in a tweet and also deleted the same.

She then posted an apology to explain her tweet and the t-shirt which she was wearing that seemed to offend people. She herself admitted that she is a mixed baby and what she did was to support her friend and also supported the idea of ending racism. Jessi Kamea further made it clear that her intention was not to offend the people.

Jessi Kamea wrote:

“Hey everyone! I just wanted to apologize about the t-shirt post I recently took down. I didn’t realize it would offend so many people and affect so many in such a negative way. My intention with the post was to support a friend and also support the message of Ending Racism. I’m a mixed baby, and I’m very proud of all my heritages so the shirt looked cool to me. I’m shocked and enlightened by all of your responses, thank you. I hope y’all have a nice day.

Check out the apology post below:

These days fans lash out on social media platforms and they could get vocal about anything and everything. Jessi Kamea might have not expected the heat from the fans but she would certainly keep of note of this whenever she would post something next time.

Jessi Kamea in NXT

Jessi Kamea had joined the WWE in 2017 and made her debut in NXT during the Live event held on participating in a battle royal which was won by Vanessa Borne.

She performed in her first tag team match alongside Aliyah but was defeated by Lacey Evans & Mandy Rose. Her first singles match was against Liv Morgan in a losing effort.

In 2018, she registered her first victory defeating Sage Beckett. Due to WWE’s business relationship with EVOLVE Wrestling, NXT stars had participated in an independent show produced by Evolve and Kamea was also involved in it.