Goldberg bawls out at Roman Reigns, calls him a ‘Joke’

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Goldberg, former WWE Universal Champion appeared on Have a Beer with Obie. He took a dig at “The Big Dog”, Roman Reigns.

“You’re a Joke”, says Goldberg


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Goldberg said, “Roman, you are a joke, first of all. Second of all, when he ragged on me about headbutting the doors and stuff, I never really explained my whole thought process on that.”

He added, “For you guys to get the character that you got, I had to do certain things. One of them is to headbutt the door.”

Goldberg is a powerhouse and is one of the most dedicated wrestler in the industry. He mentioned that losing “a little bit of blood” was his way of charging up the character going into the ring.

Goldberg bawls out at Roman Reigns, calls him a 'Joke' - THE SPORTS ROOM

Goldberg said, “From the outside, [headbutting a door] may look like a stupid move. However, I always weighed the positives with the negatives. While the positive is making my character look as violent and real as humanly possible, the negative is losing a little blood and cutting a week off my life.”

Goldberg bawls out at Roman Reigns, calls him a 'Joke' - THE SPORTS ROOM

Goldberg also took a shot at Roman Reigns saying, “That is the difference between Georgia and Georgia Tech,” refering to the rivalry between Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, the team Reigns played football for in college, and Georgia Bulldogs, which Goldberg played for.

This altercation began way back in January.
Roman Reigns has one of the best entrances to the ring. He punches the ground on the WWE stage and then heads towards the ring.

One of the WWE fans named Nick noticed that he hit a small black pad instead of the ground and tweeted The Big Dog, asking behind the reason he does that. Roman Reigns explained, “Nothing to explain Nick. It’s a little piece of pad. So I don’t break my hand on steel grate. I gota perform like 48 weeks a year man. So that would be stupid. It would be like, head butting a door before my match level of stupid. Anyway, have a good day Nick.”

Goldberg gained fame with his famous undefeated streak of 173-0 during his time in WCW. Goldberg has won WCW World Heavyweight Championship once, WCW United States Heavyweight Championship twice, and  WCW World Tag Team Championship once with Bret Hart. During his early stint in WWE, he became World Heavyweight Champion.

Goldberg returned to WWE in 2016. He went on the face, Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series and defeated the “Beast Incarnate” in 1 minute 26 seconds. Later on he became WWE Universal Champion twice. He was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2018.

While being the Universal Champion, Goldberg came face to face with Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. Goldberg and Reigns hit a double spear on the “Monster Among Men”.

Fans could witness the “Battle of the Spears”, as Goldberg and Roman Reigns were supposed to lock horns in the squared circle at “The Grandest Stage of Them All”, WrestleMania, but unfortunately Reigns missed the event due to his health issues amid Covid-19.

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