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Future of Fitness Industry With AI

The Fitness Industry is rapidly growing and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence(AI) has grabbed headlines for the latest fitness news. It is helping in improving the existing technology and programming new applications for health. The outbreak of the global pandemic compelled fitness freaks to carry on with fitness activities indoors and it also raised enormous awareness of preventative fitness. This has expanded the Fitness and health sector while also forcing people to stay inside. Thereby, with the help of Through AI-based at-home training, the fitness industry had to adjust to indoor fitness. 

Role of AI in the Fitness Industry in the future

Digital one-on-one training is a recent trend that is thriving. The digitalization of fitness training is an important aspect which provides access to experts all over the world. The AI-based fitness trainer will be the next big thing. Human Personal trainers can surely offer programs but AI can also be used to develop personalized fitness plans based on one’s goals.

Fitness measurement via latest indicators is becoming increasingly important. Connected workouts can provide this information in an easy-to-read format. Active wearables can measure bodily signals that used to necessitate a trip to the doctor’s office or use a separate device to measure heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen saturation, and their variability. They’ve also gotten pretty good at tracking our sleeping habits. 

Fitness devices will play a major role

Connected fitness is redefining the concept of at-home workouts by providing much more than just wearables that track and record routines. Connected fitness devices offer the advantage of on-demand workouts in a variety of formats and because they are AI-enabled, these devices could provide a wide range of health solutions in the future. 

The connected fitness apps can offer more than just wearables that track and record routines. Such AI based applications and accessories are being more and more interactive with its users. The future also involves the incorporation of video games into daily exercise regimes. Users can actually combine playing video games with a full-body workout, and many VR technologies can help to get your body moving. 

One such example is The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics which was one of the first events where IoT and AI technologies were used to maximize the events for fans. Special software algorithms and VR technologies brought the Olympics closer to fans.

People are likely to opt for Virtual Reality for Fitness activities

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The inclusion of Virtual Reality will take the fitness game up by a notch as it provides people the privacy and freedom to do what they want and how they want to do it, in the comfort and safety of their homes. As per a survey of 2000 people, 65 per cent of men and 55 per cent of women said that they are frequently intimidated when working out at the gym.

It can be concluded that despite the presence of gyms and other fitness institutes, a large group of people will be eyeing to explore more options like connected coaching and virtual fitness.


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