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East vs West 10 Results: Devon Larratt defeats Denis Cyplenkov 5-0

The biggest Armwrestling event of the year i.e East vs West 10 featuring two legendary armwrestlers Devon Larratt and Denis Cyplenkov is all set to go down tonight in a couple of hours in Istanbul, Turkey at The Green Park Pendik Hotel & Convention Center in Istanbul.

East vs West 10: Larratt vs Cyplenkov Preview

This match-up between Devon Larratt and Denis Cyplenkov is one of the most anticipated match-ups of the year. The pair will collide against each other for the second time. The pair previously faced off against each other couple of years ago. In that match-up, Denis Cyplenkov was able to absolutely annihilate Devon Larratt 5-1. While the one loss suffered by Cyplenkov shouldn’t even be considered as the Russian giant didn’t want to humiliate Devon by winning via clean sweep. That match-up was contested in the left hand. However, the much anticipated rematch will be contested in the right hand.

East vs West 10 Results: Devon Larratt vs Denis Cyplenkov
East vs West 10 Results: Devon Larratt vs Denis Cyplenkov

In the first match-up Denis Cyplenkov was in his absolute prime and there was limit to what Devon’s amount of skill, technique, and endurance could have handled – and that’s what Denis was. The amount of raw strength, mass, and muscular power that Cyplenkov had was just too much in their first encounter.

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While Devon Larratt climbed the Armwrestling ladder throughout the 2010’s to till date, Denis Cyplenkov had been struggling with health issues. Denis Cyplenkov made his much anticipated return at King of the Table 6 against John Brzenk. In this match-up Denis Cyplenkov defeated John 6-0 in a dominant manner.

East vs West 10 Results:

Fia Reisek defeats Rosa Acosta 3-1

Rosa Maria Acosta showcased absolute dominance in Round 1 as she was able to pin Fia Reisek with relative ease. Things were quite different in Round 2 as Fia’s hands didn’t move easily this time around and the match went to the straps. In the straps, Fia was a different beast as she pinned Rosa with her superior side pressure. 

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In Round 3, Fia was quick to use her side pressure as she took Rosa’s arm to the pads. While Rosa tried her best to hold it, her endurance gave up and at the end of the Round 3, Fia was up 2-1. 

In Round 4, Fia wasted no time as she flash pinned Rosa with relative ease to win the match. This was an absolute dominance from the Swede who recovered well after her Round 1 loss.

Result: Fia Reisek defeats Rosa Acosta 3-1

Frank Lamparelli defeats Matt Mask 3-1

Round 1 started with Matt Mask constantly complaining about not getting the grip of his choice and constantly complaining about not being able to see his thumb in the grip. The match went to the strap after both Armwrestlers slipped from their grip. Frank Lamparelli really was in a stance where he dropped his shoulders and he easily pins Matt Mask. This was a surprising rally from Frank as he weighed in at 95 kg, whereas Matt weighed in at 114kgs. Frank being two-division lower and being able to pin Matt with ease doesn’t seem nice for his prospects for the remainder of the rounds.

Round 2 started in the strap and Frank fired up with his incredible side pressure, but the referee stepped in to stop the match because of an elbow foul from Matt. The match resumed and then the referee stopped the match again as this time because of an elbow foul from Frank. As the match started for the third time, Frank Lamparelli left little doubts as he pinned Matt Mask clean.

Round 3 started in the similar fashion as the first two rounds. Both guys slipped and the match immediately went into the strap. However, the third round started with insane rally from Matt Mask. Matt displayed his insane top roll as he almost had Frank pinned, but the Italian was able to shoulder press Mask and almost had him pinned, but the referee called a foul on Frank. Matt Mask did his absolutely best to still remain in this match. The round restarts and Matt Mask shows his incredible hand control, but an elbow foul from Frank stops the match. Two back to back fouls from Frank and the round is ultimately awarded to Matt Mask.

Round 4 started with Frank showing his insane side pressure, but Matt Mask makes an incredible comeback as he uses his shoulder press to almost take the Italian to the pads, but Frank’s resilience overcomes and he pins Matt to win the bout 3-1.

Result: Frank Lamparelli defeats Matt Mask 3-1

Artem Taynov defeats Sasho Andreev 3-2

Round 1 started with a slip. In the strap, Artem Taynov started with an insane side pressure to take Sasho’s hands off the center, but Sasho remains calm and manages to hold Taynov. In this particular position as Sasho holds down Taynov, it seems Sasho relaxes for a bit and out of nowhere, Taynov uses a shoulder press to pin Sasho and take the win. Sasho seems surprised and pays for his lack of concentration in the opening round.

Round 2 started with Artem immediately going for the flop press, but somehow Sasho manages to slip out. As the match starts, Sasho again fails to protect his center position as Taynov goes for the flop press again, while it seems Sasho will be able to hold the position, Taynov digs deeper with his flop press and pins Sasho Andreev.

Round 3 started with Sasho dominating with his side pressure to take Artem’s hand off the center and then Sasho manages to transition to a top roll, but Artem’s power is insane and he snatches victory from the feets of defeat as he manages to flop press his way to the victory.

Round 4: While Artem has won the match, he has to come back to the table for Round 4, as Sasho Andreev has no quit in him. However, it seems like Artem has lost steam as Sasho easily manages to top roll the Russian to get the win.

Round 5 started in a similar manner as the fourth round as Sasho pins Artem with relative ease.

Results: Artem Taynov defeats Sasho Andreev 3-2

Ivan Matyushenko defeats Kamil Jablonski 3-0

Round 1 started with Ivan Matyushenko flash pins Kamil. This is probably the fastest pin in East vs West history.

Round 2 starts with a foul for Ivan as he engages in a false start and gets a warning from the referee. The match goes to the strap and the result is same as before as he pins Kamil with relative ease. 

Round 3: Another flash pin for Matyushenko to stop the match as he takes a 3-0 lead.  

Result: Ivan Matyushenko defeats Kamil Jablonski 3-0

Davit Samushia defeats Abdulmanaf Tuzuyev 4-1

Round 1 starts with Abdulmanaf Tuzuyev flash pinning Davit Samushia. Insane speed at display here and Davit Samushia was visibility confused at what was going on. 

Round 2: Abdulmanaf starts the match with an insane side pressure rally, but as he is close to pinning Davit, the Kazakh scores a huge elbow foul. As the match restarts, the Kazakh armwrestler again manages to take Davit’s hands off the center, but scores an elbow foul and ultimately the round goes to David Samushia.

Round 3: This time Davit Samushia manages to get a head start as he manages to get multiple rallies where he takes the Kazakh’s hands to the pads. On the fifth rally, he manages to pin Abdulmanaf Tuzuyev. 

Round 4: This round started with Abdulmanaf Tuzuyev getting the dominant position early and he almost took Davit’s hands to the pads, but Davit managed to hold off just inches off the pads and then it looked like the Kazakh ran out of steam and then Davit managed to pin him. 

Round 5: An early start from Andulmanaf earns a strong warning from the referee, but as the match restarts reigning champion manages to easily pin the 24-year old Armwrestler to successfully retain his world title.

Result: Davit Samushia defeats Abdulmanaf Tuzuyev 4-1 to retain his world title

Rustam Babaiev vs Irakli Zirakashvili

Round 1 starts with a slip and the match goes into a strap. Irakli Zirakashvili rallies hard and manages to easily pin Rustam Babaiev. 

Round 2 went straight into the strap. Rustam rallies hard and takes Irakli to the pad, but the referees call it an elbow foul on Babaiev. As the match restarts, it’s the same result as Rustam uses his insane side pressure to pin Irakli Zirakashvili.

Round 3: Both guys seemed to exert similar amount of pressure in the third round, but Irakli manages to get the better of Rustam Babaiev and he pins the Ukrainian star.

Round 4: Insane rally from Rustam Babaiev as he top rolls Irakli with a touch of side pressure. 

Egle Vaitkute defeats Sarah Bäckman 5-0

Round 1: Egle Vaikute flash pins Sarah Backman easily in the opening round.

Round 2: This round was no different to the opening round. Egle Vaikute flash pins Sarah Backman again to win the round.

Round 3: Egle Vaikute easily pins Sarah Backman and this pin was faster than the one she did in Round 2.

Round 4 and Round 5 ends in a similar fashion. This was a destruction from the Lithuanian star Egle Vaikute as she clean sweeps the match.

Result: Egle Vaikute defeats Sarah Backman 5-0 

Georgi Tsvetkov defeats Zaur Paizulaev 3-0

 Round 1: Both these Armwrestlers have such big hands that the referee is struggling to fit the strap in. Great start from Zaur, but he ends up committing an elbow foul. As the referees restarts the round again, Georgi Tsvetkov manages to throw Zaur’s hands off the centre, however, a second elbow foul ends up costing the Russian this round.

Round 2: Georgi again off to a great start, he rallies hard with his side pressure, but Zaur is holding off, but he soon runs out of steam and the Bulgarian manages to pin him.

Round 3: This round is no different to the first and second round. This is an easy victory for Georgi Tsvetkov who clean sweeps this match.

Result: Georgi Tsvetkov defeats Zaur Paizulaev 3-0 

Todd Hutchings defeats Kydyrgali Ongarbaev 3-0

Round 1: What a rally from Todd Zilla as he shows his amazing side pressure. He almost pins Ongarbaev,  but the Kazakh is hanging onto it and has is doing well so far to stop Todzilla’s side pressure. He’s dragging his elbows to exert a side pressure of his own, but Todzilla proves to be too strong for the young Kazakh.

Round 2: Another insane rally from Todd Hutching as he uses his side pressure to completely dominate Ongarbaev. The Kazakh had no answer to Todzilla’s side pressure.

Round 3: This was a highly competitive round as initially Kydrgali Ongarbaev had a better position, and both armwrestlers used their side pressure and it was Todzilla’s side pressure which was superior for the majoroity of the rounds. However, Ongarbaev tried to push Todzilla off the pad and the referee called ina foul. As the round restarted, it was an exact carbon copy of the first half of the third round and it was Todzilla’s side pressure which reigned supreme, Although Todzilla pinned Ongarbaev, the referee called it an elbow foul for the American star.

As the round restarted, Todzilla again got the side pressure rally to pin Ongarbaev to win it 3-0. Todzilla is the new 105 kg world champion.

Result: Tod Hutchings defeat Kydrgali Ongarbaev 3-0 to become the 105 kg champion

Sasho Andreev defeats John Brzenk 5-0 

Round 1: John Brzenk got the early rally, but he got sucked into Sasho Andreev’s hook and then John fails to get into this match as he gets pinned.

Round 2 to Round 5: The match was predictable by the way the first round went. Sasho Andreev got the better of the first rally and then maintained his dominance until he clean sweeped the whole match. The inside power of Sasho Andreev was just too much for John Brzenk.

Result: Sasho Andreev defeats John Brzenk 5-0

Devon Larratt vs Denis Cyplenkov

Round 1: What a rally from Devon Larratt as soon as the referee let go !! Devon Larratt must have felt so good after having pinned him for the first time in 16-years. Devon Larratt must have rallied atleast 10 times as Denis Cyplenkov tried his best to hold on, but Devon was very focused.

Round 2: Devon Larratt flash pins Denis Cyplenkov in the second round.

Round 3: You can see the confidence radiating from the face of Devon Larratt. As soon as the referee signals green light to start the round, Larratt is seen visibly smiling because he knows he will finally have his revenge after 16-years. After a series of multiple rallies, Devon Larratt pins Cyplenkov.

WAIT!! Drama in Istanbul as the referee says that Devon Larratt committed an elbow foul. Now we back to the the beginning of Round 3 as Devon is up 2-0 right now.

As the round starts again, Devon Larratt again starts with a series of rallies, however, Denis is holding still and then Larratt transitions towards a shoulder press and ultimately pins Denis Cylenkov.

The Ex-Canadian Armed forced operator has done it. He has finally avenged his loss to the Russian boogeyman Denis Cyplenkov.

Results: Devon Larratt defeats Denis Cyplenkov 5-0 to retain his world title.


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