CM Punk reveals secret about a match against The Big Show

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CM Punk, the former WWE star had numerous memorable matches during his stint in the company. During a Q&A session, which he held on Twitter, the former WWE Champion revealed that his match against the former WWE star The Big Show was his personal favourite.

CM Punk recalls the match against The Big Show

CM Punk reveals secret about a match against The Big Show - THE SPORTS ROOM

The fans had questioned CM Punk about variety of topics during the Q&A session. One of the fans went on to ask him about the match which stands out for him. The former WWE Champion reminisced his battle against The Big Show and went on to share a secret about the bout.

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The wrestlers generally call the spots prior to the match and execute them during the actual match. However, it was not the case in the match between Punk and The Big Show.

The Second City Savior recollected that before the match he had spent ten minutes on the phone speaking with Vickie Guerrero as he eventually made his way out to the ring.

Thereby, he and Show did not call a single thing for the match but ended up working well inside the squared circle. Punk meant to say that they gelled well together and shared a mental connection which helped them put on a show without even prior discussion.

CM Punk

Here is what he wrote: “I had a match overseas vs big show where we didn’t call a thing and I pretended to be on the phone with Vickie for nearly ten minutes before I even got in the ring. That’s working, bröther.”

You can check out the Tweets below:

CM Punk announced his retirement in 2014

Punk had a great career as a wrestler and is a globally recognized star. He has accolades in other promotions including TNA(now Impact Wrestling) and Ring of Honor(ROH). He also became a top-tier star in WWE.

He had great accomplishments in the company including winning the Money In The Bank contract ladder match twice and WWE Championship as well.

He went on to depart from WWE back in 2014. While, The Big Show(Paul Wight) recently signed with All Elite Wrestling(AEW) and is currently serving as an analyst and commentator.