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Chris Jericho, 49, is all focused about his post retirement plans

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Chris Jericho’s career in professional wrestling has been a decorated one. The former WWE superstar, currently signed to AEW, has been crowned the World Heavyweight Champion three times and has won the WWE Intercontinental Championship for a record nine times. But what are the ‘Corazón de León’s plans after he decides to call it quits?

Chris Jericho
Image Courtesy: AEW

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Across all the wrestling promotions since the days of the ECW, Chris Jericho has won a staggering 36 championships. After almost two decades with WWE, Jericho joined AEW on a three year contract in 2019, and became the inaugural AEW World Champion.

From Commentary to Heavy Metal: Chris Jericho spills the beans about his post retirement plans

Now about to enter his fifties, the veteran has thoughts of retirement and post-wrestling plans in his mind, about which he recently opened up in the latest episode of Saturday Night Specials on his official YouTube channel.

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“I don’t know when I’m going to retire. But when I do, I would love to continue being involved in commentary and being a consultant,” Jericho said in the broadcast.

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“I don’t want to be an Executive Vice President, I don’t want to be a writer. I’d love to be a consultant,” the 49 year old added.

Outside the world of wrestling, Chris Jericho is the main vocalist for the American heavy metal band Fozzy, which he formed in 1999 along with guitarist Rich Ward. Other than being a commentator and a consultant, touring with his band is something that he wants to be involved in.

Chris Jericho, 49, is all focused about his post retirement plans - THE SPORTS ROOM
Chris Jericho with his heavy metal band Fozzy. (Image Courtesy:

“And obviously, Fozzy, man,” Jericho continued, “That’s the best thing about being with Fozzy, we can do this until we’re 77-years-old like The Stones.”

“Also, I would continue doing stuff like Saturday Night Special, and Talk Is Jericho, and there’s a lot of cool acting things coming up too,” the veteran also revealed his desire of continuing the podcasts and more.

“So, I will be entertaining you until the day I leave this mortal coil,” Jericho added.

Chris Jericho once thought of hanging his boots up, but switched his decision

In the same broadcast, Jericho also revealed that he had originally planned to retire back in 2015, when he was still with WWE. However, the amazing time he had in the house shows made him rethink.

Jericho said, “It all started when I just did the house shows in 2015. That’s when I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll probably just wind down and do house shows for a while.’ Then I realized, yeah, these are fun [without] the pressure, not being on TV was amazing.”

Even when he was thinking to take permanent leave from the ring following that year’s WrestleMania, a call back from Vince McMahon and the amazing time with fellow Wrestler Kevin Owens made Jericho stay in the sport.

“I think Vince said, ‘Just come back and do a run, we’ll figure it out’,” Jericho went on, “And I came back and I started having so much fun, and then I met Kevin Owens. We had a great chemistry, we clicked right away, and I was like, ‘This guy get it’.”

“That’s when the whole Jericho/Owens best friends thing happened, and that’s when I was like, ‘This is awesome’,” he concluded.

Chris Jericho, 49, is all focused about his post retirement plans - THE SPORTS ROOM
Jericho with Kevin Owens, the bonding that changed his mind about retiring in 2015. (Image Courtesy: WWE)

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