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F1: Charles Leclerc opens up on the huge challenge for driving the brand new 2022 F1 car

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Scuderia Ferrari racer Charles Leclerc recently revealed being improving and eyeing to bring the best out of himself for the new season with the all-new F1 cars for the 2022 campaign. The Monegasque racer had missed out on P5 in the standings to team mate Carlos Sainz last season and Charles Leclerc noted that he had worked on a noteworthy ‘weakness’ last year. He stressed on the introduction of the new F1 cars for the new season.

“It makes it quite tricky,” Charles Leclerc gives his take on the new F1 cars

charles leclerc f1 car

Charles Leclerc like any other F1 member and fans is eagerly looking forward to driving the 2022 cars after testing the new 18-inch tyres at the end of last season. Leclerc reflected on how they could differ from the last spec of F1 machinery.

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“It’s quite a bit different,” he explained. “It makes it quite tricky, I mean, it’s challenging for us drivers and I think it will be more challenging… to drive those cars overall. It has probably a bit of a bigger window to work in and in cold conditions it feels quite good, but it’s quite tricky when you use the car in the high-speed, especially.”

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It has been noted that the car features several alterations but the headlines are bigger and less technical front and rear wings, larger 18-inch wheels and a specially designed ‘ground-effect’ floor are more noteworthy. The new cars have been given a fresh look, but they should have a marked effect on the on-track product, with more exciting and competitive wheel-to-wheel racing the expectation.

The changes have been made to prevent the disruptive airflow from on and around the cars and instead to ensure the downforce is being generated more from beneath the car. That should help cars to follow each other a lot closer without losing time in the ‘dirty’ air of the car in front, thus making it much easier for drivers to overtake each other.

Charles Leclerc is eyeing for his first Grand Prix victory since 2019 and we will have to see how he performs as F1 ushers in a new era altogether.

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