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Chad Johnson shows the most unique way to donate $1K to a fan

Aside from his on-pitch heroics, former Cincinnati Bengals stalwart and six-time Pro Bowler Chad Johnson aka Chad Ochocinco is known for his frequent involvement in charity work. However, Johnson recently had an intriguing way to donate $1K to a fan.

In the early hours of Saturday, Chad Johnson sent out a tweet, asking anyone in Jacksonville to take him on a round trip to Starbucks, that is, $500 to visit the coffee store and another $500 to drop him off back home, which will earn the willing a crispy $1,000.

“Anybody in Jacksonville want to make an easy 1k, I need a ride to Starbucks please, $500 going & $500 to drop me back off should suffice, please?” Johnson posted on Twitter.

A fan in Jacksonville earned $1K for taking Chad Johnson to Starbucks and back home

While this might have appeared as just a troll post to many, it turns out ChadJohnson was indeed serious about getting a ride to Starbucks and back, as about an hour later, the 43-year-old sent out another tweet, which featured a selfie with the fan who took him on the round trip.

The fan named Joey McAvoy was seen in a Chelsea Football Club shirt as his selfie in Johnson’s tweet took the NFL Twitter by storm. “My guy @JoeyMcAvoy picked me up to grab Starbucks, if i get kidnapped we know who is responsible,” read Johnson’s tweet, and another, showing the coffee cup, “I got my fix”.

The fan also followed up with a post of his own, terming Johnson a ‘real chill guy’ and also revealed that he loved the staff at Starbucks, as well as insisted to take the NFL legend to a coffee shop ride again in the future.

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“Just got back from taking @ochocinco to Starbucks. Real chill guy, told the Starbucks person he loved them, and we had a good chat. Very cool experience. Whenever you’re back in Jac Ocho I got you!” he wrote.

Chad Johnson was recently featured in the new jerseys released by the Bengals in a video posted on social media which also featured quarterback Joe Burrow.


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