Braun Strowman opens up on how he intended to boost Raw ratings

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Braun Strowman, the WWE star during an interview with Sports Illustrated, revealed he had pitched the idea of moving him to Monday Night Raw to improve the decreasing ratings.

Braun Strowman wanted to appear on Raw Underground

With Shane McMahon’s return to WWE, he had introduced the idea of Raw Underground show in the third hour of the Monday Night Raw. It saw stars involved in shoot-style fights.

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Braun Strowman

During the interview, Braun Strowman said that it was his idea to join back the red brand as he desired to make appearance on Raw Undeground.

It is evident that the third hour of the show often witnesses slump in the ratings.Thereby, he decided to switch the brands and chose Raw over SmackDown.

He also said that his aim was to get the crowd to watch the live show on the red brand, the place where ‘The Monster Among Men’ gained popularity.

The former WWE Universal Champion said, “The third hour of Raw sometimes falls off with ratings, so I pitched an idea to bring ‘The Monster Among Men’ to Raw Underground.

Braun Strowman opens up on how he intended to boost Raw ratings - THE SPORTS ROOM

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He continued, “It’s so easy now to watch parts of the show on social media after it happens, but my goal is to get people to watch our live product. That’s a huge factor why I went to Raw, which is where I made a name for myself.”

Braun Strowman was recently drafted to Monday Night Raw during 2020 WWE Draft. Now, that he has moved permanently, he wants to display the best work that he can provide and is also eyeing to capture the Universal Championship once again.

Braun Strowman opens up on how he intended to boost Raw ratings - THE SPORTS ROOM

Strowman said, “For me, being a WWE superstar is like a candlelight, and there is much to accomplish before it burns out. So I’m bringing my absolute best to Raw. This is a big time for me, and it’s a chance for me to make a mark and win that one world title that has eluded me.”

Braun Strowman is a member of Team Raw along with AJ Styles, Keith Lee, Sheamus and Matt Riddle as they will take on Team SmackDown at Survivor Series, scheduled to take place on Sunday, November 22 in WWE ThunderDome in Orlando, Florida.

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