Booker T picks THIS star as the best in the business

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The former WWE star Booker T recently opened up about his choice of the best star in pro wrestling at present.

Booker T chooses Roman Reigns as the best

Booker T

Roman Reigns has been a dominant force in the company recently and has gained praise from many due to his gimmick of The Tribal Chief. Now, WWE legend Booker T spoke to Brandon F. Walker on the Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker podcast, and stated that Reigns has been the best in the business over the last three years.

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Booker T said: “I’ve said for the last three years that Roman (Reigns) is the best guy in the business just because he’s a guy that goes out and performs at a very, very high level but everyone that work(s) with Roman, they have their best match.”

The former world champion said that The Tribal Chief helps elevate the talents with whom he steps inside the ring. Reigns knows the different perspectives of the business and executes the best for that. He further said that according to him Reigns his his No.1 star in WWE right now.

He said: “They come up another level. They may not ever have a match like that ever again but when they’re in there with Roman, Roman goes out and does everything he needs to do from a professional’s perspective, from a general’s perspective, to make everything about the match and give the fans what they want.”

He added: “So, he’s my guy. He’s the number 1 guy in the business right now.”

Roman Reigns’ current run in WWE

Roman Reigns had shockingly made his return with The Tribal Chief gimmick and fans have been impressed with him. He went on to capture the WWE Universal Championship and cemented his top position on the blue brand.

Pairing with Paul Heyman, he has been remarkable since donning the new gimmick. He has been brilliant with the mic skills as well as his in-ring perfomance. He has showcased some incredible matches against the likes of Cesaro, Edge, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and his cousin Jey Us.

There has been talks that he could face John Cena at SummerSlam pay-per-view in August which could prove to be ‘passing the torch’ moment. But, before that, he will take on Rey Mysterio at upcoming Hell In A Cell pay-per-view next Sunday.