Alexa Bliss seemed to be stalked on her birthday by ex-WWE star

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WWE star Alexa Bliss seemed to be stalked by the former WWE star Mojo Rawley. However, it might look creepy but that is not the case in reality.

Mojo Rawley says Alexa Bliss did not invite him

Alexa Bliss

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Mojo Rawley went on to film a hilarious clip outside Alexa Bliss’ home during her birthday party and posted it on his Instagram Story. Bliss had hosted a party for her close friends and Mojo Rawley was one of the guests.

Rawley was seen enjoying Bliss’ party in his latest Instagram stories. But, he went on to have some fun at the expense of the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bliss. Rawley poked fun and claimed that he was not invited and in the final story he posted, he captioned:

“Happy birthday Alexa Bliss… I wasn’t invited to your party but I showed up to creep from the outside nonetheless.”

You can check out the video clip of Mojo Rawley below:

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Mojo Rawley and Alexa Bliss share a good friendship

They are good friends in real life. Mojo has also been featured in several backstage WWE videos on YouTube where he was creeping up on Bliss while she’s busy working.

Mojo Rawley was with WWE for over nine years and he had achieved his WrestleMania moment at WrestleMania 33 when he had won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He was expected to get a huge push in the company but that did not happen.

He was involved in the lower-card in the final period of his contract and teamed up with Zack Ryder on WWE TV for a brief period. He was released by WWE back in April, after being on the shelf for a good duration of 10 months.

While Bliss has been having a great run in the company and recently she transformed her gimmick, possessing some supernatural powers. During the course of her career, she has won several Women’s titles across RAW and SmackDown and is a former Women’s Money In The Bank winner as well.