Jinder Mahal shares a tip of advice for the released WWE stars

jinder mahal
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WWE star Jinder Mahal has the first-hand experience of getting released as he was let go by the company back in 2014 after a brief stint. He then made his return after a couple of years and went on to become the WWE Champion. He also retained the title against some top-tier, high-profile stars of the company.

WWE has been releasing a plethora of talents recently and some of them as come upon as shockers namely, Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, and Ric Flair.

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The latest releases saw a handful of NXT stars let go from the company- Bronson Reed, Bobby Fish, Tyler Rust, Mercedes Martinez, Leon Ruff, Giant Zanjeer, Jake Atlas, Ari Sterling, Kona Reeves, Stephon Smith, Zechariah Smith, and Asher Hale.

Jinder Mahal opens up on the releases, wants the stars to see it as an ‘opportunity’

jinder mahal

Jinder Mahal recently joined in for an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling. ‘The Modern Day Maharaja’ said that the stars could always make a comeback to WWE. He said some encouraging words to the released stars that will certainly light the fire in them to work harder, eventually return to WWE and reach the heights of success, similar to what Mahal did.

He advised the stars to see it as an opportunity to ‘redefine’ themselves. Jinder Mahal said:

“The door is always open in WWE. My advice to anyone who just got released is to look at this as an opportunity. An opportunity to redefine yourself. Make some noise. You know wrestling in WWE is super super hot. Internationally everything.”

He added: “We got crowds back. But wrestling outside of WWE is also picking up steam and that’s a great place to plant your flag, make a name for yourself and eventually make it back to WWE.”

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During the interview, the former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal reminded that he became the WWE Champion within 10 months of his return to the company. We will see if the released stars could execute something like Mahal and who knows some of them could also win the ultimate prize in the company.