Booker T addresses Adam Cole’s AEW rumors, reveals his take on the huge switch

Adam Cole Booker T
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WWE Hall of Famer Booker T often comments on the happening in the pro-wrestling world. This time around he talked about NXT star Adam Cole, who has been slated to make a switch to AEW upon his WWE contract expiry.

Booker T states it will not be a ‘smart’ move for Adam Cole

Adam Cole Booker T

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Handful of former WWE stars have made their way to AEW after leaving Vince McMahon’s company. Adam Cole, whose contract is set to expire soon could land in AEW as well. Now, Booker T believes that it wouldn’t be a smart move for the former Undisputed Era leader to part ways with WWE and join AEW down the road.

Booker T, on his Hall of Fame podcast, discussed the recent rumors on Cole’s contract status. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion said that Cole should not depart WWE as he has worked hard to get to the position that he is in presently and he could ‘throw it all away’ by leaving the company. He said:

“Adam Cole, one thing he needs to know, that AEW is going to be there for him. It’s going to be there. So, you better get what you need to get out of this (WWE) for as long as you possibly can and then if something happens, you think about what comes next.”

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He added: “You do the job to the best of your ability to whatever comes next. If that’s his choice, that’s his choice. But I think Adam Cole worked a hell of a long time to get to that point and to just throw it all away because of what you hear on social media, I just don’t think that would be smart.”

Adam Cole could leave soon

Adam Cole has been with WWE since 2017 when he made his debut at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III. Cole was the leader of one of the most dominant factions in NXT history, The Undisputed Era.

He has held the NXT Championship once in his WWE career, in 2019. He holds the record for the longest reign of the title which is 403 days. He has also won the NXT North American Championship once.

We will see if Cole follows the path of several former WWE stars who have inked a deal with AEW.