It’s the dream: Tony Khan talks about AEW recreating the epic competition in pro wrestling

tony khan
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Since its inception in 2019, Tony Khan’s AEW has brought a revolutionary change in the world of pro-wrestling. They changed the landscape and brought the alternate product to WWE. Over the span of three years, they have transformed into a huge promotion, becoming a serious threat to WWE and gave healthy competition to Vince McMahon and co.

AEW President Tony Khan recently opened up on his vision before AEW came into being and shared his thoughts on the huge success they have achieved over the few years.

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The AEW President joined in for a conversation on Busted Open Radio when he spoke about a variety of topics. He went on to speak about the upcoming AEW Rampage: The First Dance in Chicago’s United Center that has sold out. He is very excited and he revealed there are plans in place for AEW to put more tickets on sale for the event.

This is all a dream come true: Tony Khan

tony khan

The ‘First Dance’ being a sellout is fueling up the rumors that CM Punk will be making his return to the ring at the event. Daniel Bryan also could be making his debut soon.

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Khan had visioned making an impact in the wrestling market with his idea of AEW when he had pitched it to TNT three years back.

He said: “It’s the dream. It’s also a lot of what I pitched to TNT. This is all a dream come true. Three years ago, I was in TNT’s office. I hadn’t signed a single wrestler. And I was telling them ‘we can do this. We can recreate the competition in wrestling that will rise wrestling as a whole.’”

Tony Khan also believed that it was an opportunity to recreate the competition in wrestling that existed twenty years ago between WCW and WWE. He said that: “This competition is real, free agency is real, people going back and forth, people showing up on a new show is hot and exciting and a lot of what fueled the industry in the ’90s.”

Khan said that competition not existing “led to some staleness up until a few years ago.” With AEW, WWE has gotten a competition that did not exist for a long time.

Tony Khan’s company has now reignited the fierce competition in the pro wrestling business and he assured that bigger things are also lined up for future.