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5 greatest male arm wrestling bouts of all time

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Since the mid 1900s, Arm wrestling has transformed from a casual activity among friends to a revered sport being played all over the world. A highly intense battle between two players that tests one’s sheer forearm strength over another, Arm wrestling is now a recognised sport, and has seen the rise of many legendary arm wrestlers in the history of several tournaments.

Arm wrestling
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With the initiation of organised tournaments that started around the 1950s, Arm Wrestling championships, its presence in popular culture, as well as many legends of the game have inspired millions to take up the sport professionally.

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5 male arm wrestling matches that are unforgettable

There have been Arm wrestling matches in the recent history or in the past that have been memorable among the fans of the sport. Incredible endurance, surprising comebacks or nerve racking neck to neck tussles, these matches have left a mark on the minds of Arm wrestling enthusiasts. Below here are five of the best male arm wrestling bouts of all time.

1. Devon Larratt vs John Brzenk, Arm Wars Super Series 2008

Canadian professional arm wrestler Devon Larratt has been the part of many intense matches in his career, but one of his most memorable bouts was against the legendary John Brzenk in the 2008 Arm Wars Super Series. Nicknamed ‘The Golden Boy’, Brzenk had lost his first Super Match against the young Larratt, who dominated the game with a 6-0 result.

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2. Denis Cyplenkov vs Andrey Pushkar, XXI Russian Nationals 2012 – Open Class

One of the most intense arm wrestling clashes were between the Ukrainian legends Denis Cyplenkov and and his late compatriot Andrey Pushkar, in the 2012 Russian Nationals. Taking on the former world heavyweight champion Pushkar was a tough challenge for Cyplenkov. After several nail biting rounds, it was Cyplenkov who came on top against his revered rival.

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3. John Brzenk vs Marcio Barboza, 2015 Heavyweight World Championship Final

Hailed as the ‘Greatest Armwrestler of All Time’, the legendary John Brzenk had one of the toughest matches in his career in 2015. Facing the hulking Brazilian Marcio Barboza in the 2015 Heavyweight World Championship Final, Brzenk, 50 years old at that time had to buckle it all down against the ‘Phenom’. The intense match ended 2-0 for the American, lifting the title and also proving his nickname of ‘Giant Crusher.’

4. : Jerry Cadorette vs Michael Todd, World Armwrestling League 2018

The bout between Cadorette and Todd holds the world record for being the longest professional arm wrestling match ever recorded. The gripping face off between the two heavyweight champions went for an astounding seven minutes. Keeping one’s endurance throughout such a lengthy match requires peak physical and mental ability, and that was just enough for ‘Big Daddy’ Cadorette to pounce his opposition at the end.

5. Khadzimurat Zoloev vs Alexey Semerenko, New Year Championship 2014 Open Category Final

The middleweight Khadzimurat Zoloev, taking on the Ukrainian Alexey Semerenko in the New Year Championship 2014 Open Category Final remains one of the greatest arm wrestling matches of all time. Famous for defeating bigger opponents in his career, but 13-time World champion Zoloev kept his nerve against the towering Semerenko, coming out on top with his superior hook technique.

Honourable mention: Devon Larratt vs Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Björnsson

Larratt has been the part of many remarkable victories over many legends of arm wrestling, but going against the World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Björnsson is too extraordinary to not get an honourable mention in this list. Famous for playing ‘The Mountain’ in Game of Thrones, Icelandic strongman Hafthor being double the size of Larratt, and taking lessons from the the two time world champion Canadian remains one of the most memorable moments in the sport.

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