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Deontay Wilder’s Coach Opines Francis Ngannou Is More Dangerous Than Andy Ruiz

Francis Ngannou has made his entry into boxing with force, and, from what was shown in his debut against Tyson Fury, he is a more dangerous boxer than a former champion like Andy Ruiz.

He showed patience, he showed hitting power: Wilder’s coach on Francis Ngannou

The former UFC heavyweight champion locked horns with Tyson Fury in a 10-round official sanctioned fight on 28th October at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The bout marked Ngannou’s debut as a boxer, while Fury’s WBC title was not up for grabs.

Although the fight ended in a controversial split decision win for Fury, Ngannou proved to be a much tougher challenge for Fury, earning massive respect from the fight fans, especially for the knockdown of Fury in round three.

The debut established Ngannou as one of the most dangerous boxers in heavyweight right now, even more so than someone like Ruiz. This is what Malik Scott, Wilder’s trainer, considers and speaking to Fight Hype, explains why he does so.

“I think Ngannou is a lot more dangerous than a Ruiz. Yes, absolutely, from what I saw and what he showed,” said Scott. “He showed patience, he showed hitting power.”

Although he has only had two fights in almost four years, Destroyer Ruiz is among the top of the world rankings, but Malik Scott sees in Ngannou a boxer with a lot of discipline.

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“Patience is what I like the most. I’m very, very, very cautious of guys who hit extremely hard and are patient with their power,” Scott went on. “That is something serious for me andhe is very disciplined. “I’ve always said that Andy’s kryptonite is someone who is disciplined and they can beat him.”

And that lack of discipline has cost other boxers, like Anthony Joshua himself, a former world champion who was dethroned from his unified titles by Ruiz.

“It is not necessary to be disciplined all your life. Only during the time the fight is scheduled,” added the coach. “Anthony Joshua was not disciplined the first time he fought him [Ruiz]. She bargained with him and acted like she didn’t know who Andy was, and that cost her.”

On the other hand, Ngannou showed a lot of discipline and patience against a boxer who, for all the experts, was far superior and who was expected to knock him out, but the African surprised and even sent Fury to the canvas.

“Ngannou fought Tyson Fury with a very disciplined style. He didn’t overreach, which he expected because he’s a rookie, coming from MMA to the world of boxing,” he concluded. “I expected him to overreach more and I expected him to be a little wilder. I expected him to do a lot more holds.”

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