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What Are the Awesome Benefits of Basketball?

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Americans love basketball. For 14 years now, it’s held the title as the most-played major sport in the US. On top of that, 57 percent of Americans also enjoy watching basketball. 

But whether you love hitting the court for a game or prefer to cheer on your team from the couch, basketball offers a wealth of benefits. Keep reading to learn some of the top benefits of basketball.  

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Increases Muscular Endurance 

One of the biggest benefits of playing basketball is the way that it improves your muscular endurance. The agility and constant directional changes that basketball games demand mean that anyone who plays regularly will soon see advancements in their strength and stamina. 

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Improves Balance and Coordination

Basketball is a fast-paced game that requires excellent physical coordination, balance, flexibility, and motor skills. The more you play, the easier it’ll become to gain control of your movements and reaction times. 

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Boosts Heart Health

Like many other types of sports with a strong cardiovascular element, playing basketball helps boost your heart health and general fitness levels. As well as improving cardiorespiratory fitness, this can reduce your chances of cardiovascular disease. 

Reduces Stress

Many benefits of sports also extend to those watching as well as the players. For everyone involved, an exciting game of basketball is a great stress reliever.

One reason for this is that sports like basketball give us a healthy outlet for channeling our emotions. And for viewers, whether you’re tuning into live stream school basketball games or glued to a thrilling NBA fixture, watching sports also serves as a fun distraction. 

Encourages a Sense of Community

High school sports are important for developing a sense of community among children and teens. But adults can also reap the rewards of making connections through an interest in sports. And, since basketball is one of the most popular sports in the country, it’s extra easy to find fans on your wavelength to shoot some hoops or enjoy watching a game with.  

Wards Off Depression and Loneliness

No matter how fit you are, loneliness can have a big negative effect on your health as you get older. Likewise, depression can cut your lifespan by as much as five years.

The social aspect of watching and playing basketball is a great way to fight loneliness and gain a more positive outlook on life. What’s more, the endorphins your body releases when playing and even when watching sports like basketball can act as natural anti-depressants. 

The Benefits of Basketball

As this quick guide shows, the benefits of basketball are both convincing and comprehensive. 

From the sense of community you’ll find both on and off the court to the physical health boost that all that running and jumping provides, there’s no shortage of reasons to get into this popular sport. 

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