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It doesn’t really concern me: Tyson Fury reacts to the Daniel Kinahan and MTK Global fiasco

Amidst the super exciting matchup against Dillian Whyte which is churning out headlines after headlines, Tyson Fury has been facing questions about one recent eyebrow raising incident in the boxing scene- the financial sanction on Daniel Kinahan, followed by his boxing promotion company MTK Global shutting down all operations. However, the WBC champion is paying to heed to the situation.

What a man does in his own business is none of my concern: Tyson Fury on Kinahan

Tyson Fury's promoters block all questions on link with alleged organised crime boss Daniel Kinahan
Tyson Fury was seen together with Daniel Kinahan recently back in February. (Image Courtesy: Instagram)

In the previous week, Daniel Joseph Kinahan was discovered as one of the leaders of the infamous Irish Kinahan crime gang, and the US Govt has slapped a worldwide financial sanction on him, as well as offered a reward of $5million (£3.84m) for any info that can aid in capturing the gang’s leaders. Kinahan, who has been rejecting any allegations coming toward him, was accused of being in charge of a drug cartel responsible for drug smuggling, money laundering, and several other crimes by the US authorities.

During the press conference of the upcoming heavyweight title unification fight between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte on 23rd April, MTK Global released an official statement to state that they are ceasing all operations.

In the meantime Tyson Fury, who has had Kinahan as an advisor the boxing business, wqs questioned by Sky Sports News about his take on the entire situation. “The Gypsy King” however, has made it clear that he has no concern about the Kinahan situation.

“I just had a million questions about all this rubbish before. But like I said to them, it’s none of my business, and I don’t get involved in other people’s business. So, it doesn’t really concern me,” said Fury, “And what do you want me to do about that? And I’ve told you three times there’s nothing to do with me, and I don’t care. … What a man does in his own business is none of my concern. I’m a boxing man. I don’t get involved in anybody’s business at all. If you’ve went and done what you’ve done, I don’t care what you did. It’s none of my concern. I am only concerned with what I do. And I don’t do anything apart from box. End of.”

“You know, what the U.S. have said, the U.S. have said. And that’s it. We have to listen to the government. And that’s what we do. End of, because I don’t wanna get in trouble with the U.S. government, which I never have been, and that’s it,” the WBC champ added. [H/T]

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