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Mike Tyson punches man on airplane after being harrassed

Boxing virtuoso Mike Tyson’s knockout power is something that has been fabled as well as feared in the combat sports scene but the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world’s most recent coup de grace has taken place inside an airplane.

As reported by TMZ, Mike Tyson punched a fellow passanger on board a flight several times after the former boxer was being annoyed, and the incident has taken place this Wednesday night when Tyson was on board a JetBlue aircraft set to fly to Florida from the San Francisco International Airport.

According to an eyewitness present on the plane, Tyson was greeted by fans and the 55-year-old was initially composed with everyone around him and the witness told TMZ that Tyson even took a selfie with him.

However, the situation changed when his overly excited friend, who was sitting just behind Tyson, was constantly trying to talk to the boxing legend throughout the flight. Tyson had repeatedly asked the person to calm down but when he didn’t, Tyson got up and threw multiple punches at him.

The video clip of the incident obtained by TMZ shows the man sustaining multiple bloodied injuries on his forehead, from the bare knuckles of “The Baddest Man On The Planet”, who got off from the flight soon afterwards.

The injured passenger was immediately rushed to medical care and even reported to the police about the altercation. However, there has been no response from the cops so far, nor from Tyson’s camp.

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