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Steph curry stuns everyone with a brilliant behind-the-back pass to Andrew Wiggins

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Delivering a jaw-dropping moment in every game has become a habit of Steph Curry. The Golden State Warriors legend amazed everyone witnessing the game with a stunning behind-the-back pass for the dime to Andrew Wiggins.

The clock had 9:28 minutes left in the first quarter with the Golden State Warriors leading 9-4 against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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The Warriors were on a counterattack, when Steph Curry got the ball around the half-court he had his back towards the basket, the entire Los Angeles Lakers team and even his teammates thought that”the baby-faced assassin”would take some time with the ball but at the end of the day he is Steph Curry, he went on to execute a pass which nobody expected.

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Curry seemed to change the direction of the ball to find his teammate Andrew Wiggins in the open with a little flick. Wiggins was completely unmarked and had no problem whatsoever in slotting in the basket. The whole Los Angeles Lakers team was left dumbstruck after the move and after giving birth to all this chaos, Steph Curry did not even look back after delivering the pass, he just jogged away knowing that the job had been done. The Golden State Warriors went on to secure a 128-110 victory against the Lakers.

Steph Curry is bringing the Warriors Back from the dead

Steph Curry was as usual brilliant as he produced 32 points,8 assists, and 1 rebound. Andrew Wiggins was excellent too as he delivered 20 points,2 assists, and 3 rebounds against the Lakers.

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The Warriors continue their red-hot form as they have won eight of their last 10 matches. Warriors are currently seated at 10th in the Western Conference with 27 victories in 53 overall matches. This victory against the Lakers was very crucial for the Warriors at this stage of the league. The Lakers and Steph Curry will be looking to continue their destructive form and continue delivering results for their fans

.Steph Curry is being praised by the entire basketball community for his consistent performance throughout the years but it seems that some kind of special fire is burning inside Steph Curry this season and the Warriors fans will want it to continue burning for years to come.

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