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JJ Redick hits back at Patrick Beverley: “…cameras in the arena have better eyes than you”

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NBA fans all over the internet are holding their popcorn and enjoying the feud between JJ Redick and Patrick Beverley. The beef between the two escalated on Wednesday. Beverly spoke about Redick on his podcast and Redick then relied on Twitter to respond to Beverley’s comments. Redick defended his career by using facts and stats in his statement.

“Luckily the cameras in the arena have better eyes than you. 289 halfcourt matchups 21-56 shooting by Harden as contesting defender 37.5% FG (42.9% eFG) 0.94 points per direct iso allowed on 37 isolations I guess that’s getting torched???” Redick wrote on Twitter.

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It is evident by Redick’s statement that he’s done thorough research before writing it and on the other hand, Beverley’s comments were much more baseless and disparaging. Beverley clarified that he was dissing Redick only because he was being disloyal to his former coach Doc Rivers.

“You go accountability? Should Doc be held accountable for playing you in that 3-1 series against the Rockets when we walked your ass all the way down 3-1? Should he be like let me get JJ Redick off of James Harden? If I’m being honest he should have started Jamal Crawford,” Beverley said.

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How did the feud between JJ Redick and Patrick Beverley actually start?

Patrick Beverley brought up the 2015 Western Conference semifinals when Redick’s Los Angeles Clippers lost from a 3-1 series lead to the Houston Rockets with Doc Rivers as their head coach. Though Beverley was on that Rockets team he did not play in the playoffs because of an injury.

The Beef actually started when Redick called out Doc Rivers for making excuses and not holding himself accountable for the results.

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Fans react to JJ Redick and Patrick Beverley’s ongoing feud

Fans on social media are closely monitoring this feud and are coming up with all kind of reactions.

“I don’t care what anyone says, JJ Redick is genuinely the best Media Head. All facts, no agendas, no bias. Make him the head of all the shows” one fan wrote on X(formerly Twitter)

“If you’re into racist drunk uncles who you would never want around your daughter, then yeah JJ is the best.” another replied

“Come be an assistant coach for the Sixers. You’d already be a better coach than Doc off rip” a Twitter user commented.

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