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Ryan Bowen scrapes through Mazahir Saidu 4-3 in a hard fought match-up in India

Australian Armwrestling superstar Ryan Bowen scrapes through Indian Armwrestling sensation Mazahir Saidu 4-3 in a hard fought bout in a town called Assandh located in Northern Indian state of Haryana.

The bout started with Mazahir Saidu getting an early lead as he pinned Bowen in a strap match. It didn’t take long for Bowen to equalise as he pinned Mazahir Saidu without the straps in what looked like an almost flash pin.

Ryan Bowen defeats Mazahir Saidu in India
Ryan Bowen defeats Mazahir Saidu in Assandh, India

Mazahir bounced back in the third round as he used his insane side pressure to pin Ryan Bowen to take a 2-1 lead. In the fourth round, as soon as the referee gave the ready go green signal, Mazahir’s insanely strong side pressure almost took Ryan Bowen to the pads, but Ryan was able to bounce back to pin Mazahir. Both athletes were 2-2 going into the fifth round.

Now, had this match-up been of five rounds, Mazahir would have been crowned the winner of the bout as he pinned Ryan Bowen with relative ease to increase his lead to 3-2.

The sixth round was a hard fought round as it tested the endurance skills of both the Armwrestlers. Mazahir started the round with his freakishly strong side pressure as he took Ryan right to the pad, but Ryan Bowen was able to hold on till Mazahir’s endurance gave up and Ryan was able to win this with a quick pin.

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The seventh round was the decisive round as heading into this both the Armwrestlers were 3-3. Mazahir was able to pin Ryan but as the referees restarted the round as Mazahir had committed a elbow foul. As the round restarted, Mazahir started strong as usual but lost steam as Ryan was able to bounce back to pin Mazahir with a shoulder press.

Ryan Bowen says bout with Mazahir Saidu was his toughest

Ryan Bowen took to instagram to talk about his match-up against Mazahir Saidu. The match was not an easy one for the Australian as he won the bout 4-3. In an instagram post, Ryan Bowen stated that this was the toughest match of his career.



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A post shared by Ryan Bowen (@ryanbluebowen)

The hardest match I have ever pulled. Got this win today 4-3 over @mazahirsaidu tha k you sir for the absolute war.

Massive thank you to @propanjaleague and @awearmwrestling for making this match happen.

Big thanks to @mattconnelly13 for being my cornerman and reminding me to dig deeper than I’ve ever had to before.

And finally….massive thanks to @dabasparvin for being a phenomenal host.

Sorry about not being able to go live. The wifi just couldn’t handle the stream.

Thr high end effort will come out and be a cracker.

P.S The Indian armwrestling community is amazing!Ryan Bowen wrote on his Instagram.

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