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Defending NASCAR Champion Ryan Blaney calls fellow racers “stupid” following 11-car crash

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Ryan Blaney, the defending NASCAR Cup Series champion, was not happy at all after being involved in a devastating 11-car crash in the second race of Bluegreen Vacations Duels.

Ryan Blaney

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The crash happened during the second race of Thursday night’s Bluegreen Vacations Duels at Daytona International Speedway. Blaney was at fifth position and was exiting turn 4 when he saw an opportunity to snatch the fourth position from William Byron. However, while he was trying to pull to the outside, Byron comprehended the situation and upon quick thinking, blocked Blaney, leading him to dive low.

He had a run and Byron lost some momentum. Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski were drafting, trying to get a speed boost, and with Byron’s speed suddenly reduced, Busch, being pushed by Keselowski, struck Byron’s rear bumper.

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All hell broke loose then, with Byron being pushed sideways by the impact of the strike, in turn striking Blaney in the right rear. The impact of the strike led the defending champion to crash directly with the SAFER barrier.

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As this was the third consecutive race in Daytona that saw Blaney being struck in the right rear of his vehicle, the defending champion was plainly annoyed, questioning the racing intelligence of his fellows.

“I mean, three times here in a row awful pushes have led me to getting right-reared. And it’s just guys not being smart, not knowing when to get off somebody. Like, you cannot push in the corner that hard in the tri-oval. I don’t know when guys are gonna get it,” he said after getting out of the infield care center.

While Blimey was annoyed at the situation, now that he has to work on a backup car for the next race, Busch said he felt helpless about the entire incident. He compared the incident to an accordion, and said that crashes like these were part of the game. Busch refused to blame Keselowski for the incident, mentioning that he could not clearly see Byron’s loss of momentum.

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