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Roman Reigns voices disinterest in a Shield reunion

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WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has voiced his disinterest in a reunion of The Shield.

Roman Reigns


Reigns first debuted in the main roster of WWE as part of The Shield, which consisted of him, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Although initially indicated as associates of a villainous CM Punk, they quickly evolved into creators of chaos and henchmen of The Authority. However, they turned into anti-Authority babyfaces until they dissolution by the betrayal of Seth Rollins.

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After multiple hints of a reunion, The Shield reunited in February 2019 and won the main event match of Fastlane that same month. Although this was promoted as The Shield’s final match together, they reunited at the special event The Shield’s Final Chapter, that also served as Dean Ambrose’s final WWE match due to not renewing his contract. Ambrose has since found fame as Jon Moxley in NJPW and AEW, where he became the AEW World Heavyweight Champion.


“The Head Of The Table” believes that while his adventures as part of the now-iconic trio was good enough, he is now used to the habit of calling the shots himself and he will not be comfortable with sharing leadership with anyone else again. The Shield did not have a specified leader throughout their run, although both Ambrose and Reigns were thought as their leader under some circumstances.

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“No, I mean, I have a lot of respect for everything that we did now, but a lot of that time was really pivotal for me to learn and gain the experience, be around other performers and see how their processes is and how they attack things and how they think about things. Where I’m at now, it’s a one man show I have the family dynamic with my cousins, but at the same time, I call the shots. I don’t think I could share it anymore,” Reigns stated.

However, he is interested in facing Seth Rollins, who hinted a rivalry before Edge appeared in a surprise return to offer a new rivalry to “The Tribal Chief”.

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