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Netflix Pulls The Plug On Q-Force After Just 1 Season

Netflix is going through a hard time. Not only the streaming service has recorded its first subscriber loss in over ten years but is also quickly earning an unwanted reputation for canceling shows callously without any caution. It is resulting the fans being discontent, without the conclusion of a satisfying end of the beloved show.

The people who loved Q-Force really loved it: Matt Rogers confirms the cancellation

Q-Force, another of its original series, has gotten its plug pulled out by Netflix, joining other canceled shows as the platform continues to reduce animated content. The adult comedy show, featuring LGBT superspies, remained uncertain about its future for about a year and a half, until the series star Matt Rogers confirmed its abolition.

Rogers, who voices Twink, a gay French Canadian who is a “Master of drag” and part of the Q-Force, revealed the news on a recent episode of the Attitudes! podcast. “The people who loved it, really loved it,” said Rogers, “The good news is that it will always be on Netflix. It did not get a second season but, I feel like the fact is that it is out there, and… It’s really close to my heart.” [H/T]

The show, which featured 10 episodes on its inaugural season, was released in 2020 September. Netflix, which usually confirms the sequel within a month after a premiere, the lack of any such announcement regarding Q-Force had fans already uncertain about its future.

Nonetheless, the confirmation of the inevitable by Rogers will be a blow to the viewers. Q-Force had garnered much applaud within the adult animation and spy genre fanbases as well as the LGBTQ+ community. Even though it has a clear portrayal of homophobia, the show also depicts LGBTQ+ pride and triumph.

The lead character Steve Maryweather aka “Agent Mary”, voiced by Sean Hayes, worked as a spy at the in the fictional American Intelligence Agency (AIA) until he comes out as gay. While on an unknown mission, Steve gathers an elite team of rogue LGBTQ+ geniuses, comprising of Rogers’s character Twink, a lesbian master mechanic Deb (voiced by Wanda Sykes), Rogers as Twink, an expert transgender hacker Stat (voiced by Patti Harison).

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