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Enes Kanter Lambasts LeBron James Following Latter’s Historic NBA Achievement

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Enes Kanter took yet another dig at LeBron James. James recently reached the milestone of 40,000 career points in the NBA, becoming the first player in the league’s history to achieve that mark. Rather than praising LeBron James for achieving this unbelievable accomplishment, Kanter took the opportunity to dig at James’ integrity.

“Integrity > 40,000 points,” Kanter wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

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Fans criticize Enes Kanter for his Comments on LeBron James

Enes Kanter’s comment has received major backlash from fans all over social media.

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To respond to the hate comments he was receiving Kanter added a follow-up post.

“A lot of child slave sweat shop supporters in these comments… but please, do talk about social justice at your convenience…,” he added.

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Fans on Twitter openly criticized the former NBA center for his comments on LeBron James.

“Who are you again? Oh a failed NBA player turned fake activist LMFAOOOO sorry ass mf don’t ever speak on the King again. Oh and that last name is cringe af, you’re not some sort of saint bro” a fan wrote on X.

Don’t you got a bounty on you from Turkey” another added.

“LeBron has both and you have neither, so I don’t see your point”  a twitter user commented.

“You are irrelevant unless you mention that man. Then again, doing that gives you about 15 minutes of relevancy. Clown” a fan commented.

Why doesn’t Enes Kanter like LeBron?

Kanter is a native of Turkey who went on to become a U.S. citizen. He later became an activist in recent years. He changed his last name from Kanter to “Freedom,” legally and advocates for Human freedom around the world. The former NBA center said a year and a half ago that he was being blackballed by the league over his criticism of China.

Kanter had previously made comments alleging that James despite being outspoken on social issues did not condemn certain corrupt social practices, carried out in China and was indirectly supporting them by supporting companies that enable such practices.

“38,388 points Zero Morals Zero Values Zero Principles Zero Empathy, One Bow Down to #China. Congratulations to @KingJames.”

Kanter wrote after the 19-time All-Star became the all-time leading scorer in the NBA in 2023.

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