Kurt Angle reveals Vince McMahon forewarned him for breaching a WWE rule

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WWE legend Kurt Angle on the newest edition of ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ on AdFreeShows.com talked about his early years in WWE. He went on to speak about a moment that got him heat from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon during a singles match with Chyna.

Kurt Angle reveals the incident

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Kurt Angle reveals Vince McMahon forewarned him for breaching a WWE rule - THE SPORTS ROOM

Kurt Angle spoke about the time when Intergender matches were quite popular in WWE, with Chyna’s career at the very peak. The former Women’s Champion used to battle many male wrestlers.

He revealed a rule which Vince McMahon had brought in but Angle was unaware of it. The rule stated that the male wrestlers would be prevented from punching Chyna in matches. However, Angle had punched Chyna during the bout which eventually saw him get heat from McMahon backstage.

Kurt Angle explained that he had botched a spot during the bout against Chyna. To recoup the spot he had used a series of punches on Chyna and eventually regained the momentum.

He said: “The issue I had when I was wrestling her is, you know, Vince didn’t want anybody to punch her. And we were wrestling. Even though it was a quick match, I kind of messed up on a spot. To fill the messed up spot, I started punching her in the face. I punched her about four times to cover up the spot, and then we continued on.”

Kurt Angle recalls how Vince McMahon reacted to a failed spot

Kurt Angle

Vince McMahon was all worked up due to the sequence but Angle claimed he was unaware of the rule. Vince clearly said that he wanted male stars to protect their female opponents.

Kurt Angle said: “When I got backstage, Vince was like, ‘What the hell are you doing punching a woman?’ I said I didn’t know, you know, I messed up on a spot, and I had to cover it. He was like, ‘Don’t ever do that again. She is a woman.’ I said, ‘Then why is she wrestling the guys? I don’t understand that.’ He said, ‘Well, she is a woman; you have to protect her.’

Keeping Vince’s words in mind, the WWE Hall of Famer also revealed that, to protect Chyna from getting hit on the face, he once blocked the title with his hand. He also praised that Chyna knew the basics well in the ring it were well and effectively exceuted.

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