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John Fury Lashes Out At KSI For Not Honoring $200,000 Bet: “In My Culture, It’s Death Sentence”

Tommy Fury’s father John Fury is livid after the YouTuber-boxer KSI didn’t honor a bet that took place prior to the latter’s fight against ‘TNT.’ The bout took place on October 14 in Manchester, England.

The bet stated that should KSI defeat ‘TNT’, the coach would pay him $200,000. However, if the outcome was the opposite KSI would pay the whopping amount. Unfortunately, the YouTuber-turned-boxer had suffered a majority decision loss and as a result, he would have to pay.

KSI had endured a loss against Tommy Fury via decision. Initially, the scorecards were totaled erroneously and Fury was given the majority decision win. Later, that error was corrected and the result was overturned to a unanimous decision victory in Fury’s favor.

It has come to light that John Fury is still waiting to get paid. The Brit YouTuber never paid him and he has been receiving multiple messages from the former boxer. John Fury has since made a number of videos on social media and has been demanding the money to be paid

John Fury rages

During a recent interview with Pro Boxing Fans, John Fury was questioned about KSI not paying up for the bet. Fury replied:

“If you don’t want to lose your money, keep your mouth shut. And I’m a travelling man. In our culture of people, if you bet and you don’t pay, it’s a death sentence.”

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He continued: “You get kicked up like a football and called every name under the sun. So we want to be respected by people like me and others out there. Pay your money. But if you haven’t got 200 grand, make a statement. If you haven’t got it, and I’ll go to the people behind you. I’ve got the money in the brains. It’s definitely not him. Because at the end of the day, he’s made a bet. He honors it.”

John Fury added: “And I don’t want the money for myself because I’m not interested in money. It’s no good to me. So what I’m going to do when he pays it, not if, when, I’m going to donate the lot to Manchester Christie’s cancer research in public so he knows I’ve not had one dime for myself because I’m not like that. And I’ll do it publicly.”

KSI has shown no interest in repaying the bet to Fury and he is yet to respond to the online callouts.


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