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Italian Boxer Hassan Nourdine wins title after beating down opponent with Nazi tattoos

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Hassan Nourdine, an Italian boxer with origins laying in Morocco, did not just clinch another boxing title last weekend, he unloaded his fists on an opponent who boasts Nazi tattoos on his body. Michele Broili, Nourdine’s rival, is not shy from boasting his support towards the Nazi party and has a number of tattoos as an ode to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, including the number 88 and the infamous SS symbol. Surely, any sane person would enjoy a beat down of someone carrying Nazi symbols on their body, and Nourdine gifted that pleasure to many boxing fans.

Punch a Nazi in the face: Hassan Nourdine clinches Italy’s super-featherweight title after defeating Michele Broili

Nicknamed “El Tiburón” (The Shark), Hassan Nourdine clashed against Michele Broili for the Italian super-featherweight title in Trieste. Nourdine dominated all three rounds of the fight with scores of 98-91, 98-91 and 96-95, except the focus was on Broili and his tattoos.

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Italian boxer of Moroccan origins beats rival with Nazi tattoos for title |  Middle East Eye

The 28-year-old, as soon as he stepped inside the ring, caught the attention of everyone as his body had multiple symbols praising the infamous party, which include the number 88- a symbol to the banned “Heil Hitler” salute, as well as the SS Totenkopf along with a number of local fascist symbolisms like the ‘Veneto region skinheads’ and ‘Return to Camelot’. His fans were also seen doing the Roman salute during the match.

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Anyone who would feel disgusted at the tattoos and the ideology, but Hassan Nourdine wasn’t aware of Broili’s tattoos before the match and knowing the horrors that the Nazis have caused, beating down on his rival felt like a “double win” for the 34-year-old boxer.

“Whoever wins out against these ideologies should be proud. You’re winning two battles at once,” Nourdine said after the fight.

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“If you’ve ever read a history book, even half a page, you couldn’t possibly feel anything but disgust towards what Nazism did to humanity.”

Broili is now slapped with a suspension by the Italian Boxing Federation until 19th November, but Nourdine claimed that his Nazi loving opponent was never impolite or rude towards him.

“I want to specify that [Broili] was never disrespectful towards me, not when we were alone nor during the anti-doping tests. He even complimented me,” Nourdine added. [H/T Vice]


  • Hassan Nourdine wins Italian super-featherweight title against rival Michele Broili
  • Broili displayed Nazi tattoos on his body and has been suspended
  • Nourdine felt a ‘double win’ after defeating Broili
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