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Everything You Need To Know About East Vs West 6 Arm Wrestling Event On Jan 21

East vs West, one of the biggest and most premium arm wrestling competition series in the world is all set to get its sixth edition East vs West 6 returning to Istanbul, Turkey this 21st January, featuring once more a star-studded fight card starring the best of the best from the eastern and western arm wrestling scenes.

The first East vs West event took place on 12th June last year, followed by the second edition which was hosted on 12th February this year and both events took place in Istanbul. For its third edition, East vs West returned to the Turkish city on 22nd May. The fourth edition was held on 6th August, followed by the fifth and latest installment on 19th November.

EvW5 saw Devon Larratt defeating Evgeny Prudnyk 3-0 in the main event. The legendary John Brzenk, who marked a 3-0 win over Ukraine’s Oleg Petrenko at EvW5, will return this time against Georgian İrakli Zirakashvili.

Michael Todd, who was supposed to headline EvW5 against Larratt but was later replaced by Prudnyk, will be in action this time, taking on Kydirgaly Ongarbayev for the world light heavyweight title.

Jerry Cadorette, who had the most exciting match of the night against Genadi Kvikvinia at EvW4, will be back in action against Bulgarian puller Georgi Tsvetkov for the world superheavyweight title.

The super matches will follow a BEST OF 5 format.

East vs West 6 Date

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The event will take place on 21st January.

East vs West 6 Time

The event will commence from 8:00 PM Istanbul time / 6:00 PM CET / 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM PST/5:00 PM GMT/9:00 PM GST

How to Watch East vs West 6 | East vs West 6 PPV

Like all of its three past editions, East vs West 4 will stream on Coresports for $14.99

East vs West 6 Matches | East vs West 6 Lineup

  • Jerry Cadorette 🇺🇸 vs Georgi Tsvetkov 🇧🇬 (R). Superheavyweight category. World superheavyweight title match.
  • John Brzenk 🇺🇸 (R) vs İrakli Zirakashvili 🇬🇪 (R). 105 kg category.
  • Michael Todd 🇺🇸 vs Kydirgaly Ongarbayev 🇰🇿 (R). 105 kg category. World light heavyweight title match.
  • Ferit Osmanli 🇹🇷 vs Genadi Kvikvinia 🇬🇪 (R). Superheavyweight category.
  • Paul Linn 🇺🇸 vs Rustam Babayev 🇺🇦 (R). 95 kg category. World middleweight title match.
  • Curtis Cameron 🇨🇦 vs Zurab Tavberidze 🇬🇪 (R). 105 kg category.
  • Gabriela Vasconcelos 🇧🇷 vs Barbora Bajciova 🇸🇰 (R). +80 kg category. World open category title match.
  • Corey West 🇺🇸 vs Arif Ertem 🇹🇷 (R). Superheavyweight category.
  • Craig Tullier 🇺🇸 vs David Samushia 🇬🇪 (R). 85 kg category. World welterweight title match.
  • Corey West 🇺🇸 vs Ferit Osmanli 🇹🇷 (L). Superheavyweight category.
  • Alizhan Muratov 🇰🇿 (L) vs Oleg Petrenko 🇺🇦 (L). 105 kg category. World light heavyweight title match.
  • Chance Shaw 🇺🇸 vs David Arabuli 🇬🇪 (R). Superheavyweight category.
  • Nurdaulet Aidarkhan 🇰🇿 vs Mindaugas Tarasaitis 🇱🇹 (R). 75 kg category. World lightweight title match.
  • Doug Erlich 🇺🇸 vs Raimonds Liepins aka “Coach Ray” 🇱🇻 (R). 85 kg category.
  • Robert Baxter 🇺🇸 vs Ahmet Yenerer 🇹🇷 (R). 105 / 115 Kg category
  • Beket Aitbek 🇰🇿 vs Efe Kömek 🇹🇷 (L). 115 kg category
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