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WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman Comments On Transgender Boxing Proposal

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Much has been said in recent weeks about transgender boxing and, although the World Boxing Council is already studying it as one of its programs, Mauricio Sulaiman detailed the proposal they have and knows that it is something that can take years.

Fight between a person born a man and a person born a woman will never be accepted: Mauricio Sulaiman

Since last August, people began to talk about transgender boxing and a new category, and although there are already some cases identified in the world, Mauricio Sulaiman wants to make things very clear.

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“The position is very clear: the fight between a person born a man and a person born a woman will never be accepted,” said Sulaiman in a recent interview, “No matter what your current sexuality is.”

There are still many things to identify, but the first steps are already being taken for this program, genre, or league. There may be many plans, but they go easy.

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When Sulaiman was asked if, in addition to men’s and women’s boxing, there would also be transgender boxing as a third branch of the sport, the leader nodded in agreement.

Sulaiman also details that it would not be one more category than the 18 that the WBC has, one more unlike the other organizations because of the Bridger weight.

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“That transgender category is forming to include those who wish to participate,” he added. “But everything has to go under perfectly and meticulously cared for and established parameters.”

Thus, in addition to men’s and women’s boxing, there would also be transgender boxing, but he insisted that they must take care of all the details.

“It’s like a committee, it’s like a program,” he said. “We still do not know the universe of athletes, a call has already been opened, and we have not received any communication.”

What he commented is that there are already identified transgender boxers in the world.

“There are identified some fighters in the world who are transgender,” he confirmed. “But this is an initiative to invite them, give them a place, and make a competition manual.”

If the program comes to fruition, they would also have to fight in different weight divisions, since health is paramount.

“Obviously there have to be categories, weights, level of competition, it is the most important thing,” he said. “It can be amateur, it can become professional, unique tournaments, by invitation, everything is very broad.”

Finally, he said that they are not in a hurry and that they will do everything in due time, but taking care of the health and integrity of the fighters.

“We are starting. Our programs often take years to come to an end or a start, but we are not in a hurry,” she concluded. “Yes, work is being done in an important way to take care of everything medical and health, but also to include inclusion.”

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Saikat Banerjee
Saikat Banerjee
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