EC3 says the concept of Raw Underground was stolen from him

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EC3, the ROH star has recently claimed on ROH Strong Podcast that the concept of WWE’s Raw Underground was his idea.

EC3 says WWE stole the concept


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EC3 had released ‘The Narrative’ Cinematic Wrestling video. It was released on his YouTube channel back in the month of July.

The former WWE star was released from the company in April. The video was published when he had completed the 90 days non-compete clause of WWE.

The video is of Fight Club-type and EC3 wanted to implement the aesthetics to his persona going forward in the future. He had sent the video to the WWE creative.

Check out the video below:

During the podcast he said, “While working with the WWE, and even during my NXT run, I pitched this exact same thing about controlling my narrative and this is what I wanted to do with the EC3 character.”

EC3 also claimed to have sent them a vignette. He said, “The day I was released was when I sent them a vignette with verbatim, the exact words I used in the video released online.”

During the podcast he also spoke on Shane McMahon, who introduced Raw Underground to the WWE Universe. He recalled his reaction to seeing Shane McMahon.

EC3 says the concept of Raw Underground was stolen from him - THE SPORTS ROOM

EC3 said that his video was shot in a real underground but WWE’s Raw Underground was studio-based and it looked artificial.

He said, “While mine was shot in a real underground, this stuff was inauthentic and had no heart. When I saw Shane McMahon in the ring, it looked like manufactured, heartless, and desolate studio-based stuff.”

The former WWE star also said that he knew that the concept would be stolen when he had sent the video. However, he explained that the whole concept was stolen instead of some parts.

He said, “The minute I sent them the video, I knew it [the idea] was going to be stolen. I initially thought they would only steal parts of it, but I didn’t expect them to rip off the entire aesthetics [of the concept].”

EC3 says the concept of Raw Underground was stolen from him - THE SPORTS ROOM

Moreover, “a minor bubble of the professional wrestling audience” had witnessed the video on YouTube and that’s why it was easy for WWE to “steal the idea” and get away with it.

Raw Underground stopped airing for a few weeks and it last aired on September 21. Thereby, it is clear that WWE scrapped the idea of the show and decided to discontinue it.

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