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Arm wrestling icon Devon Larratt opines on the Thor vs Eddie boxing fight

The recently concluded boxing match between Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall has pulled attraction from all combat sports, including arm wrestling world champion Devon Larratt, who shed praise over the fight, calling it his ‘favorite”.

Best fight I’ve ever seen in my life: Devon Larratt hails Hafthor and Eddie following their boxing match

The fight, dubbed as the “Heaviest Boxing Match in History”, featured former World’s Strongest Man tournament winners and longtime rivals Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall settling their grudge inside the squared circle. The bout took place on Saturday, 19th March at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The fight saw Hafthor emerging victorious via unanimous decision, with all three judges scoring the fight 57-54, as many boxing fans were disappointed over Eddie’s performance, who started to lose momentum, with dropping twice in the third and the fifth round.

However, as Devon Larratt himself described in a video on his YouTube channel a couple of days ago, the fight did not disappoint the Canadian arm wrestling legend, and along with lauding both pugilists, Larratt also praised both Hafthor and Eddie’s dramatic weight cut for the fight.

“I was so impressed. I love the fight. it’s my favorite fight that I’ve ever watched. I was not disappointed in any way, I thought both guys were incredible. Thor won. Thor transformed himself like probably I mean when you look at the past couple of years I don’t think I’ve ever in my life seen a transformation like the one thor did from his strong man deadlifting the 501 to the absolute gladiator that we see now,” Larratt said in the video.

“And Eddie, I thought, was incredible. Being in a sport where bicep tears are pretty common. You can see that it definitely did affect him I know that nobody’s gonna make excuses but to have a bicep tear and do anything within I’d say probably a year, is you’re doing pretty good. So, you know, to have the fight on such short notice you can tell that it did affect it but whatever, I really think that it was just such a good fight.”

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“I thought they both showed tremendous heart like they were both hit hard and got up and continued to fight, it went to six, which, I don’t think that anybody thought was gonna happen. I think if you had a place bets on, ‘will it go one two three four five or six rounds?’ I don’t think many people would have thought that the fight was going the distance. Not a single clinch, I don’t think I remember a single clinch in that entire fight… how crazy is that? No clinches both guys getting knocked down, getting back up, getting hit hard by huge people, best fight I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Check out the video below-

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