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Read how UFC President Dana White once lost $1 million on boxing!

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When talking about mixed martial arts, the name of Dana White cannot be left behind. The famed president of the UFC is much credited behind the popularization of MMA all across the world, and his profit-making mentality is often credited behind the sport’s marketability.

However, aside from running UFC, Dana is also widely known for his gambling habits, and he himself is never shy to admit that sports betting is a hobby, and with the progressive legalization of the same, its just the cherry on top for him.

However, all that glitters is not gold and betting does have its drawbacks. Well, one major one, and that is, if lady luck doesn’t favor you, your money’s gone down the drain.

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Despite being a regular in sports betting, Dana himself has had his fair share of ill-fated waging, and recently recalled one incident dating back to 2007 when he lost a whopping $1 million on boxing.

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Dana White lost $1 million after betting on Jermain Taylor

Dana White
Jermain Taylor (L) had lost to Kelly Pavlik (R) in 2007, which costed Dana White to lose $1 million. (Image Courtesy: AP)

Last week, Dana White was featured on ESPN’s “Daily Wager” program, where he shared his views on the concept of sports betting. While the habit is enjoyable, Dana revealed that he was depleted a seven figure amount after waging that much amount for the first time, on former American boxer Jermain Taylor.

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The most recent undisputed champion of the middleweight division, Taylor was a daunting force during his career that spun from 2001 to 2014.

Unfortunately, one boxer he could not overpower in his career was Kelly Pavlik, who defeated Taylor in September 2007 to win the WBC and WBO belts, as well as handing Taylor his first career defeat. Pavlik went on to defeat Taylor for the second time in their rematch next year.

Recalling the 2007 fight, Dana said that he had full faith on Taylor, who was undefeated before the fight and put a million on him.

“I bet $1 million on Taylor, and he got destroyed,” Dana said in the program, “It was the first time I ever bet $1 million dollars because I was so confident Taylor was going to win that fight.”

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