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Coresports CEO Don Idrees reveals his big plans to tap the Indian market

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Coresports has revolutionised the sport of Armwrestling and it’s CEO Don Idrees and played a major role in it. Today the sport is at a different level than it was a decade ago. With the efforts of streaming services like Coresports, Armwrestling fans globally now have an accessible and affordable means to watch their favourite armwrestlers compete in highly competetive matches in King Of The Table and East vs West.

Tonight, on Coresports, the legendary Armwrestler Devon Larratt will be taking on Bulgaria’s Georgi Tsvetkov at King of the Table 9. The co-main event features an highly intriguing match-up between Ermes Gasparini and Vitaly Laletin.

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Coresports CEO Don Idrees with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Coresports CEO Don Idrees with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Armwrestling fans can purchase the pay-per-view here.

Ahead of the highly anticipated King Of The Table 9 event, TheSportsRoom.org had the opportunity to chat with Coresports CEO Don Idrees to get his views on the event and the return of Larry Wheels into the supermatch setting.

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To the Arm wrestling fans who continue to support us. First of all, thank you very much for your continued support and continued belief in us. King of the table 9……. Yes, I can’t believe that it’s already number nine, and we’re getting bigger and better than ever. We’re very excited about this particular card for two main reasons. We are witnessing the return of Larry Wheel’s into the super match format against Leonidas Arkona. He and Leonidas Arkona had a left-handed match, I think, September 30th, where Leonidas beat him. But Leonidas is a lefty. We’re really, really, really excited to see what this match would look like. The second reason is if you notice, we used to do three matches, then we promised the fans we’re going to do five, but this one actually has six. Hopefully next year, we’ll start adding more and more matches. Not too long. We’ll probably stick to a seven, eight match format. King of the Table 9 is also featuring a female arm wrestling match, which is also very exciting because we’re going to incorporate that a lot as well. Yeah, man, I mean, it’s our end of the year ninth edition,” Don Idrees said.

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Don Idrees talks about Devon Larratt vs Georgi Tsvetkov and Ermes Gasparini vs Vitaly Laletin supermatch

Coresports CEO talked about the highly intriuging match-up between Devon Larratt and Georgi Tsvetkov. Although, Devon is the heavy favorite heading into this match-up, Don Idrees revealed how armwrestling fans shouldn’t be sleeping on this match-up.


I know a lot of people are more excited, probably, about the Vitaly versus Ermes match. People keep saying that the Devon versus Georgi match…… it’s an easy win. It’s an easy this……. But I don’t know, man. If you think about it, Georgi is no joke. Even Devon behind the scenes was saying that it’s not as easy as he is marking it out to be.”

Coresports CEO Don Idrees talks about increase in focus on the Indian market

Coresports CEO also talked about the importance of Indian market and stated that he is in the process of exploring a broadcast deal for the Indian fans.

We’re in process of next year doing many things differently. Not differently, but we’re adding certain efforts to encourage and help the fans in certain countries where the pay-per-view model may not work or may not be affordable. For example, we are going to really, really, really put efforts and focus into how to get the live content to the Indian arm wrestling community. I don’t know, maybe a TV deal or a broadcast deal or something like that. We don’t know yet. I’m not even sure we should say this publicly, but we need to… Guys, rest assured, we are doing our best for this to become the most global, easily accessible, and reachable piece of content ever.” Don Idrees concluded.


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