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Can Kenedy get a chance to play with Flamengo?

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Kenedy may have found a chance to play with Champions League winners Chelsea this season, but it seems that he is still not satisfied with it. The star wants to get a chance to play with Serie A giants Flamengo in Brazil which is to be too much of a move to make.

Kenedy has inked a deal with the Blues after spending some time with Fluminense in 2015. He has seen a lot of moves after that, going for teams in either England or Spain as he hopes to get some regular minutes as well.

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Can Kenedy get a chance to play with Flamengo? - THE SPORTS ROOM

The star has failed to find those minutes in his past few teams. At the age of 25, Kenedy is still keen to give his best and show his worth with any team that would give him a lot of minutes. He used to be a big pick for most punters in Sportingbet as well.

Why the Kenedy trade won’t work

Chelsea, so far, has a lot of talents and losing Kenedy to a move is not much of a big problem at all. A lot of fans even say that the club may get some better talent out of him, while some claim that he is still worth two or three players at the very least.

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Flamengo is going in for a run in their season in the Serie A. The club is set to defend their title for the second year in a row, and they will surely take any boost they can get at this point. After all, the struggles are starting to pile up for the team and they would need to work out on their games as soon as they can.

As most sources say, a deal is far from being made as both clubs are thinking twice about their options. Kenedy has not played for Chelsea since 2018. While the star has no bad blood with Chelsea, Kenedy would still love to get home to his country and play for Flamengo on a permanent basis.

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The only thing is that there are a lot of key factors that would affect the deal. The first one would be the tight budget that Flamengo is working with, and the other would be Chelsea’s interest in the move at the very least.

Flamengo’s low budget

Flamengo does need a defensive star like Kenedy. However, club director Bruno Spindel said that the money needed to make the deal would be a huge issue for the club. The price the Rubro-Negro needs to pay is a big sum just to get him over to Brazil.

‘Kenedy is a very interesting athlete. Flamengo are talking. It’s also very difficult, he’s from Chelsea, he’s an interesting player who’s had a great season’, Spindel said. ‘It’s a very difficult negotiation, an athlete who was transferred for a very high fee around £6 million to Chelsea’.

Chelsea had to pay Kenedy a huge amount of money for his services a few years ago. Due to the pandemic, most player fees have risen up, making it hard for a lot of clubs to sign key players – especially in the Serie A.

The left-back has a lot of options in his future runs, and Spindel knows that they may lose him in the long run. The deal is not a risk that Flamengo is keen to make as it may affect their Sportingbet odds if they ever sign him.

‘We’d like to have him, but again, even because of the financial situation, the value of the Euro, everything that happened, we see it as a difficult situation’, Spindel said.

Kenedy has three years left in his spell. He will have to wait either until Flamengo makes a move for him or another team comes into play and inks him to a new deal – if that team is on his list as well.

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